How Saint Anna Saved a Greek Family from a Nazi Assault

Source: Mystagogy

July 25, 2022

Photo: Photo: During the years of the German occupation of Greece, the following incident happened.

Father Hesychios Agiannanites (1909-1982) was passing through a village with the relic of the foot of Saint Anna, the Grandmother of the Lord. In a certain house, when they learned that the Holy Relic of Saint Anna had arrived, they ran to welcome it with longing.

With many tears and words of thanks, they venerated and kissed the Saint.

“What has happened to you, my Christians, and you venerate the Saint with such eagerness and devotion?” asked Father Hesychios.

The father of the family replied:

“Yes, Elder, Saint Anna saved our home from death and preserved our honor and dignity. Not long ago, Germans came to the village, bringing with them some twenty Mongol savages with the intention of terrorizing and dishonoring the women of the village.”

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