Thousands of Serbs take to streets to protest LGBT parade (+VIDEO)

Belgrade, August 15, 2022

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Last night, thousands of Serbs marched through the main streets of Belgrade in protest of the Euro Pride march expected to be held in the capital city next month.

Estimates of the number of participants vary. Balkan Insight reports 5-10,000 people, while Danas reports more than 10,000. According to the Ukrainian outlet Strana, local Serbian outlets are reporting more than 50,000 participants.

The procession began in front of the Serbian Patriarchate administration and ended at the Church of St. Mark.

Marchers bore crosses and icons of Christ, the Theotokos, and various saints, chanting prayers and shouting various slogans: “We don’t want gay parades and Western occupation!” “We won’t give up our holy sites!”

They also carried banners reading: “Hands off our children!”

The procession “included Belgradians of all ages, from the elderly to babies, as well as numerous priests and monastics,” reports Danas.

“Dignified, peaceful, Christian, for family and tradition. The people don’t want the Euro-trash in Serbia. This was the message. We move ahead together,” Parliemantary Deputy Milica Đurđević Stamenkovski said of the procession.

Euro Pride is a pan-European LGBT event hosted by a different city ever year. This year it’s to be held in Belgrade September 12-18.

However, there is also controversy surrounding the statements of His Grace Bishop Nikanor of Banat’s statements about Euro Pride and the protests.

In a video published last week, Bp. Nikanor is seen standing in front of a church, addressing a handful of believers, warning that Euro Pride “will come to Belgrade and flaunt and desecrate the city of Belgrade, the holy Serbian city.”

He continued: “I will anathematize all those who organize and participate in something like that. I can do that much. If I had a weapon, I would use it, I would use that force if only I had it, but I don’t.”

He also referred to Serbia’s openly gay Prime Minister Ana Brnabić.

The Forum for Security and Democracy, founded in Belgrade in 2004, “dedicated to spreading democracy in our society and country as well as the promotion of democratic reforms,” has called on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate Bp. Nikanor’s statements.

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m. Cornelia8/18/2022 9:24 pm
Mark Wright: You didn't write which section of the Bases of Social Concept you took your citation from, but I can also cite for you the following from Section VIII. 2. on War and Peace: "While recognising war as evil, the Church does not prohibit her children from participating in hostilities if at stake is the security of their neighbours and the restoration of trampled justice. Then war is considered to be necessary though undesirable means. In all times, Orthodoxy has had profound respect for soldiers who gave their lives to protect the life and security of their neighbours. The Holy Church has canonised many soldiers, taking into account their Christian virtues and applying to them Christ’s world: «Greater love hath no man but this, that a man lay down his life for his friends»" Though the section starts by clarifying that war is a great sin and the result of man's fallen nature, there no indication in this section of some sort of mandatory pacifism for the Orthodox. That also applies to Patriarchs. You have said that people have access to other people's opinions on this war through the internet. So, you can take your pick of views. But you can't decide for others what to think. There are weighty arguments in favor of the Russian belief that they needed this military operation in order to defend themselves, and that the people of Donbas also want and need to be defended. I won't go into them here--as you said, it's all available on the internet and social networks. I also won't list here all the wars that have had tacit or explicit support from Christian leaders--wars that were not always seen be everyone as justified. And the Bases for Social Concept document has to be taken as a whole.
Mark Wright8/18/2022 4:22 pm
m. Cornelia, yes, forgive me, I should have been more clear. The Social Concept is not anti-war, but it does state what kinds of war clergy can or cannot support. III.8 reads: "At the same time, there are areas in which the clergy and canonical church structures cannot support the state or cooperate with it. They are as follows: ...b)waging civil war or aggressive external war." No matter how you slice it, the DNR, LRN, and Ukraine are external to Russia. Russia may argue that they're offensive is really just defense, but with that logic you could justify just about any war--well we had to attack first to protect ourselves! I also have to take exception when you say: "And in the Donbas, they are not getting their opinions from the news but from personal experience." In 2022, people all over the world have access to much more than just the news. Thanks to social media, all those people in the DNR, LNR, and Ukraine are online and talking about their experiences, and there simply isn't one picture coming out of their experiences.
m. Cornelia8/17/2022 10:43 am
Mark Wright: Have to correct you--there is nothing in the Bases of Social Concept that forbids going to war. That would be quite a novelty, since Orthodox countries have had to protect themselves throughout the ages. And if you carefully read whatever Pat. Kirill has said about the war, he believes this is another case of Russia having to protect itself and the people of Donbas. Of course nothing changes the fact that war is hell and should be avoided in any way possible, but sometimes there is no getting around it. Now, you can view it as you like, but that is how it is seen by most people in Russia and Donbas. And in the Donbas, they are not getting their opinions from the news but from personal experience.
Mark Wright8/17/2022 9:54 am
Panagiotis, there's no doubt that the world hates the Orthodox Church, but there's also no doubt that Patriarch Kirill openly supports the war in Ukraine, which his own Church's binding document (The Bases of the Social Concept of the ROC) forbids. Knowing that the world is against us, we have to be wise as serpents, and Patriarch Kirill has unfortunatey shown several times lately that he is not up to that task.
Buckeyebob8/17/2022 4:36 am
Globohomo is paving the way for the anti-Christ who according to Daniel , " does not regard the desire of women ."
sherlock_holmes8/16/2022 11:17 pm
I agree with m.Cornelia . And insanity is growing too ,we are pretty close to the prophecy of Saint Anthony the Great . Despite the feminism , in US the elites don't know what a woman is ( see the vote in the Congress ). Maybe a huge global warming is on the way to temporarily stop the boiling .
m. Cornelia8/16/2022 2:27 pm
Panagiotis: I agree with you all the way. They're trying to boil the frog slowly, so that the antichrist will find people belly up in hot water and just scoop them up. And thank you for seeing through all the rhetoric against Pat. Kirill.
Panagiotis8/16/2022 3:26 am
For thousands of years no one ever heard of such nonsense. Why now? Are they marching because they are proud of sodomite acts? Is there honor in homosexual activity? It is not normal, because if everyone were homosexual the human race would end. Does that sound normal to you? This homosexual movement has its roots in the feminist movement. Many of these homosexuals were brought up in homes with no father and a feminist mother, or a home with a weak sissy father and a feminist mother. Now you know why they are pushing feminism, because this will result in more homosexuals. Why? Because we know the Antichrist or false Messiah will be a sexual deviant, and he will be born from a sexually defile mother, and most likely does not know his real father. And that is why they want many homosexuals, so more people will accept sodomite activity. Everything is paving the way for the arrival of the Antichrist or false Messiah. Also take a look and see how the Western news media, Western entertainment industry, Western educational institutions, etc are always pushing feminism, sodomite activity, abortion, transgenderism, "social justice", and other liberal garbage movements. And some of you are gullible enough to believe this Western news media when they spew forth their never-ending stream of anti-Russian propaganda. Think about that next time you watch the Western news. Our Holy Orthodox Church has been very clear for 2,000 years that sodomy is a sin, and cannot be accepted by the Church. But the sodomites are very well organized, and very wealthy, and they will keep trying to whittle away at the teachings of our Church. This is how the no good liberals work, I.E. they work in small increments, so as not to shock the people. That is why I say we must never give in one inch to these no good liberals and their garbage movements. That is why I love Patriarch Kirill and the Russian Orthodox Church, because they have the courage to speak the truth in the face of this massive Western onslaught of sodimite propaganda and other nonsense. Patriarch Kirill is 100% correct in saying that it is the Orthodox Church that is holding back the Antichrist or false Messiah. And that my friends is the real reason why they are attacking Patriarch Kirill. Don't fool yourself, they do not care about our Ukrainian Orthodox Brothers (or any Orthodox for that matter), and they are only using that as an excuse to try to weaken the Orthodox Church. So wake up, straighten up, and be a strong conservative Orthodox Christian. All glory be to our True God Jesus Christ! I am trying to educate our Orthodox People, and when I fall asleep one day, then I hope Almighty God, who I greatly fear, will have mercy on me, and God Willing I will be in Paradise. Just my humble opinion.
Reader Seraphim8/16/2022 1:23 am
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