God’s Deliverance on the Edge of the Fire

Source: OCA Diocese of the West

September 19, 2022


On Friday afternoon of September 9th, 2022 a wisp of smoke was spotted rising in the not-too-far-distance behind the monastery chapel. It grew rapidly into a column of white, red, and (occasionally) black smoke. Soon, special fire-fighting aircraft (“spotters”) could be seen circling overhead. A dreaded wildfire was upon us!

Fearing the worst, we quickly sprang into action and prepared for evacuation. Personal belongings were stuffed into carry bags, the main icons of the chapel together with the Holy Relics and other Holy things were carefully wrapped and packed into the back of the car. The Highway patrol officer soon arrived and announced that a mandatory evacuation was in effect. We had only ten minutes to vacate. Office computers, our dog “Zushja”, and finally our cat “Cricket” were stuffed into the car. Just as we were about to leave, Cricket made a break for it. Unable to retrieve her, we left her to her fate.


A half mile down the road, we turned back to watch low-flying planes dump crimson fire-retardant on the edge of the growing conflagration. How near the fire was to our beloved monastery!

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