Patriarch Bartholomew and Lithuanian state sign agreement to create parallel Church structure

Vilnius, March 21, 2023     

Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė signed a cooperation agreement today to formally establish the presence of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

The Patriarch and state are thus establishing a parallel jurisdiction in the Baltic state, as Lithuania is universally recognized within the Orthodox Church as the canonical territory of the Moscow Patriarchate.

“Today, a new perspective opens before us and an opportunity to jointly seek the establishment of the Exarchate of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Lithuania,” Pat. Bartholomew said after signing the agreement, reports

The Prime Minister had declared as early as May that the state was willing to help Constantinople set up shop. However, the PM is known to distort facts about the Church’s stance and activity.

Recall that Pat. Bartholomew recently received a handful of canonically defrocked clerics under his omophorion, unilaterally nullifying the actions taken by the canonical authority over them. They served their first Liturgy as clerics of Constantinople in Vilnius on Sunday.

The Lithuanian Church, of course, rejected Constantinople’s arbitrary actions.

Meanwhile, the Lithuanian Church published a statement yesterday, before the agreement was signed, extending an invitation to Pat. Bartholomew to venerate the relics of the Holy Martyrs of Vilnius Anthony, John, and Eustathius that are housed in the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, as “a sign of honor and reverence for the elevated rank of the head of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Orthodox faith of the members of his delegation.”

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Cat3/31/2023 8:58 pm
Please Lord, not again. One time was more than enough.
Pfmd3/22/2023 6:28 pm
Seraphim: I am inclined to agree with you in that all the Orthodox Churches under the jurisdiction of the Istanbul Patriarch and even other non-Instabul jurisdiction Orthodox Churches located in the western world under the control of the western criminal cabal/NATO will separate completely from the Russian Orthodox Church. That should be clear to every Orthodox believer. The agenda for these Orthodox Churches is their transformation into a “woke” entity with the acceptance and legalization of all the values of the Satanic liberal world with LBGTQ rights, same sex unions, gender changes on demand, pedophile practices, gay and queer priests, and the transformation of God into a non-gender entity as is presently being advocate in the Anglican Church. This is what the agitators on this site were hired to help perpetuate. The MO of the western criminal cabal is firstly, you separate the Russian Orthodox Church from the the other Orthodox churches and secondly the destruction of the separated Orthodox Church through a transformation that will be unrecognizable even by Catholic standards.
Seraphim3/22/2023 12:57 am
Everyone avoid the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Church of Greece, the Church of Cyprus, and the Patriarchate of Alexandria as much as possible. They will separate from the Orthodox Church eventually, and probably unite with the Roman Church.
Pfmd3/22/2023 12:39 am
“Moses Theokistos Gichingiri3/20/2023 8:09 pm
I am Orthodox media personality on Facebook to be precise but for ages, centuries and decades we Africans have been subjected to persecution by the Greeks through the so called "Patriarchate of Alexandria" and we Africans through our Clergymen requested the Russian church to intervene and help us which they have successfully done before. The existence of the Russian church in Africa has become an awakening call to Greeks. Why? They did not see Africa as a continent that has values and that can make its own church but the Greeks have made it it's territory. A basis of religious colonization I call it. There has not been any African Patriarch for over a century. Oppression is the game the Greeks have played all along while the Church of Russia have proved to support locals e.g. in Pakistan, Korea and even china. We need this in Africa. Follow me on Facebook Moses Theokistos Gichingiri.”

The above is the response from an African Orthodox personality living in Africa and his interpretation of the “MP schismatic” event compared to the tirade of the heartless, soulless and graceless Anglozionist “recent convert”.
Pfmd3/22/2023 12:30 am
Now that the schismatic CP under the orders from the CIA, State Department and under the protection of NATO, and the western criminal cabal has arrived in the Baltics to “cancel” the Russian Orthodox Church by “raiding” the Baltic jurisdiction, Let’s wait to hear from the Anglo-Zionist “recent converts” exegesis and corrupted hypocritical responses to this schismatic and western criminal event. I will go out on the limb and predict some of the responses. “Let us pray for the church”, “God bless the devoted and holy hierarch”, “God prevails in all things, we only need to pray”, “Only God has the answers”,etc. etc…ad nausea. How do I predict this? The past is the best and brightest predictor of the future.
Pfmd3/22/2023 12:07 am
The Anglozionist “recent converts” have been foaming at the mouth with their opposition to the MP’s acceptance of the invitation by the African Orthodox Church (Alexandria). Despite receiving numerous exegesis of this non-schismatic event by several knowledgeable individuals, they persist in the daily repetition of this event to the point of nausea. Is it that they do not understand the numerous explanations received? The answer is they do understand. Their Pharasiac pride and blind hatred of Russia Orthodoxy refuses to acknowledge Africa’s acceptance of the non-schismatic Russia Orthodox Church in Africa. Hatred of a member of a sister Orthodox church is unheard of and not part of Orthodoxy in the remainder of the world. I have never met a Greek Orthodox or a Russian Orthodox or a Serbian Orthodox claiming hatred for a member Orthodox of a sister Orthodox church. I have always experienced the complete opposite-a love and a warm bond between Orthodox members of sister Orthodox churches, that is until I came to this site and experienced the Anglozionist convert’s idea of Orthodoxy. I have also never seen Orthodox church members in any country treat Orthodoxy with such contempt and disrespect.
Petros Bicamumpaka3/21/2023 7:31 pm
It is so sad!
Alex3/21/2023 3:35 pm
Bartholomew keeps going down rabbit holes that he shouldn't!
Alexander 3/21/2023 3:29 pm
Bartholomew is a heretic and apostate! When will he be officially condemned? Now let's go to Greece and establish a parallel true orthodox church there.
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