VIDEOS: Little girl bravely defends her Orthodox faith at Kiev Caves Lavra

Kiev, April 5, 2023

Photo: YouTube Photo: YouTube     

Dasha is an 11-year-old Ukrainian girl who has joined thousands of others in a prayerful defense of the Orthodox faith and the Holy Dormition-Kiev Caves Lavra.

She has become somewhat of a social media sensation, but for good reason: She’s not afraid to stand for hours in prayer and hymnody and defend her Church and her faith in the face of blasphemous provocations from schismatics and nationalist radicals.

She was first seen boisterously singing the Paschal troparion in Church Slavonic:

And a few days later, video appeared in which she ably puts an anti-Orthodox provocateur to shame with her confident proclamation of her faith. It’s clear that the radical is simply unable to comprehend the faith that she and millions of others in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church hold so dear:

“I want to be in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church! With Metropolitan Onuphry!” she tells the older man questioning her.

“Who told you to do this?” the man asks. “No one told me! My soul is crying! I can’t bear this anymore!” she fervently responds.

The world has also seen videos of Katya, a choir member at the Kiev Caves Lavra, fervently praying on bended knee as schismatics and nationalists deride her and the Orthodox faith:

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