New Portuguese-language Orthodox publishing house launched—help the effort!

Brasília, Brazil, April 12, 2023

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A new Orthodox publishing house has been launched in Brazil, with plans to translate and publish some of the most recognizable names in Orthodoxy today.

“Imagine a world where the rich heritage of the Orthodox Church is accessible to everyone, especially in Brazil and the Portuguese-speaking world,” reads the fundraising campaign for the new Katechon Publishing House.

“That's the vision of Katechon Publishing House, a newly created lay initiative with a passion for spreading the Orthodox faith through literature. With your support, we can make this vision a reality by publishing our first book and breaking the barriers of Orthodox presence in the Brazilian editorial environment.”

And though Katechon is new, they already have agreements to translate into Portuguese and publish works by St. Seraphim of Sarov, Elder Ephraim of Arizona, and Fr. Josiah Trenham.

“These books will provide valuable insights into the teachings, history, and spirituality of Orthodoxy, filling a gap in the availability of Orthodox literature in the Portuguese language.”

However, as a lay initiative, Katechon needs help to get their projects up and running. The campaign reads:

By donating to our crowdfunding campaign, you will become a vital part of our mission to share the beauty and richness of the Orthodox faith with others. Your support will not only help us publish our first book, but it will also pave the way for more Orthodox literature to be available in Portuguese, reaching a wider audience and fostering spiritual growth.

To learn more and make a donation, visit the Katechon Publishing House’s fundraising campaign.

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