How To Invent a Love Bomb

Metropolitan Luke’s wartime notes


Christ is in our midst, my dear readers!

“No matter what a person invents,” said one contemporary elder, “it always ends up as a weapon.” For as long as man has lived on Earth, he has worked at creating the perfect weapon for killing one another. First there were clubs and spears, then swords and rifles, then canons, tanks, bombs, and missiles. This is all to kill, torment, and destroy each other. I would like for people to invent a love virus that would infect everyone, and that they would spray it at night over all countries and continents—so that in the morning mankind would be stricken with it, wake up, and forever forget about anger and hatred; so that people would anticipate each other with respect, that they would be ready to help everyone, become sympathetic and help other people in their grief, and show care for all of God’s creation.

In order to construct a love virus we have to gather together all human hearts. We have to make it so that in each of them there would be an unstoppable reaction of goodness; so that each person would cast out all evil from his soul. We are all to blame for what is happening today in the world. It’s not right to think that nothing depends on me, that everything is decided by rulers, the powers that be, and financial, economic, and political interests. This is not so. I decide everything, here and now. And whether good or evil, hate or love will rule this day in the world depends upon me, upon each one of us. If every person started living according to the law of love, then evil would cease its existence once and for all. Moreover, experienced spiritual practices tell us that if you conquer evil in your own heart, then for you personally it will disappear throughout the whole world. Let’s try it and see whether this is really true. Can we destroy all evil that lives on the planet on the scale of one soul, one life? Only remember that time for this experience is getting shorter and shorter.

Metropolitan Luke (Kovalenko) of Zaporozhye and Melitopol
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