Georgian Church condemns McDonald’s for Happy Meal gay book

Tbilisi, June 15, 2023

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The Georgian Orthodox Church is disturbed and alarmed by McDonald’s latest item in children’s Happy Meals in the country.

The Patriarchate recently learned that McDonald’s is distributing a book about the life of Elton John, including his gay marriage to David Furnish and their children from a surrogate mother, to Georgian children.

The Church stated:

This has caused justified heartache in society.

We believe that such an action is the propaganda of false values, especially in Georgia, a country that has almost 2,000 years of Christianity…

Most important and especially disturbing is the sneaky and secretive behavior of McDonald’s managers towards children. Even talking about healthy food, which is mixed with a veiled spiritual poison, is a well-calculated trick.

It is impossible for them not to understand what kind of reaction would follow in society for such disrespect, disregarding the centuries-old spiritual and cultural values and way of life of the country and its people.

Georgian politicians also spoke out, reports Jam News.

“The task of the enemies of Georgia, the participants in the conspiracy against Georgia today, is to create new centers of confrontation. It’s a shame if McDonald’s is included in this,” said Gia Volsky, First Vice Speaker of the Parliament.

“Getting used to this topic from a young age is harmful for the future generation,” Georgian Dream Executive Secretary Mamuka Mdinaradze said. He continued:

There is no need for a child to learn to defend LGBT rights at two, three, seven and ten years old, but this topic penetrates, and it’s disgusting … This will not work in this country: LGBT propaganda is impossible in this country, no one will be able to do it freely. Supporters of LGBT on the one hand, and we on the other. Georgia is on the other side. Any government in this country will have an obligation to separate the protection of rights from propaganda that harms our future generation.

According to Global Orthodox, local media reports indicate that McDonald’s has removed the books from Happy Meals.

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