Previously unknown photo of St. Nektarios published online

Mt. Athos, August 11, 2023

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The blog Athos Photoarchive recently published a previously unknown photograph of the great 20th-century Holy Hierarch and wonderworker St. Nektarios of Aegina.

The photo shows St. Nektarios during his time as Bishop of Pentapolis in the Patriarchate of Alexandria, standing next to Patriarch Sophronios IV:

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St. Nektarios was consecrated as a bishop in a service led by Pat. Sophronios in 1889. However, because of his holy life, many people were drawn to the Holy Hierarch, and his colleagues slandered him to the Patriarch, telling him that St. Nektarios had ambitions to replace him.

St. Nektarios was suspended from his post and returned to Greece in 1891 where he preached, worked as the director of an ecclesiastical school, and eventually founded the Holy Trinity Convent on the island of Aegina, where he lived out the rest of his days and where his relics lie in repose to this day.

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