Lavra: Police break down doors to monks’ buildings, schismatics enter Metropolitan Onuphry’s residence (+VIDEOS)

Kiev, August 16, 2023     

Representatives of the Kiev Caves Lavra National Museum and Preserve, under the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, together with the police and schismatics, sliced through and broke down doors to several buildings at the Kiev Caves Lavra yesterday.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church reported yesterday morning on the “storming” of three buildings cordoned off by the police. “They have already cut off the locks and broken into building 57. These buildings are inhabited not only by pilgrims, but also by part of the brotherhood of the Kiev Caves Lavra.”

The situation surrounding the Lavra has further deteriorated since a Kiev court ruled earlier this month to uphold the government’s decision to kick the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the monastery brotherhood out of their own monastery. People have been locked in buildings without access to food and parishioners have been prevented from getting to churches in the monastery.

The malefactors had to use an angle grinder, sledgehammer, and crowbar to break down the door yesterday, all while the authorities accuse the brotherhood and the Church of not taking good enough care of the property, reports the Union of Orthodox Journalists.

“What, are you going to kill us next? Monks live here,” a monk yelled out the window. “You drove us out of Building 34 so we came here. And now you’re going to drive us out of here?... Just put everyone against the wall and shoot everyone. Let them break down the door, I won’t leave.”

Another monk yelled: “21st century, such human rights.”

Additionally, Fr. Avraamy, the one Lavra monk who apostatized from the Church in order to become the “abbot” of the schismatics’ “Kiev Caves Lavra,” tore off the police seal from the residence of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine and entered inside. Someone had given him the keys.

“Mr. Avraamy, is this Christian? Remember Christ, remember your vows,” said seminarian Mikhail Pratsyuk, who videotaped the schismatic entering the building. The monk ignored the Christian’s pleas.

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