St. Nektarios has worked many healing miracles in Romania—Exarch of Bucharest monasteries

Bucharest, November 8, 2023

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St. Nektarios the Wonderworker of Aegina is greatly loved and venerated in Romania thanks in large part to the many miracles he has worked there, says the Exarch of monasteries of the Archdiocese of Bucharest.

Radu Vodă Monastery in Bucharest is home to a fragment of the relics of St. Nektarios and counts him among its patron saints. In honor of the upcoming feast of the Holy Hierarch, the monastery brought out the relics for veneration.

Relics of St. Nektarios and St. Ephraim carried in procession. Photo: Relics of St. Nektarios and St. Ephraim carried in procession. Photo:     

“With joy, this morning, I placed the reliquaries of St. Nektarios and of the Holy Martyr Ephraim the New in the canopy in the courtyard of the monastery,” said Abbot Archimandrite Nektarios Șofelea (the Exarch of Bucharest monasteries), reports the Basilica News Agency.

The relics were festively carried in procession before being placed in the courtyard.

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“These days are filled with joy and grace, as on Thursday, November 9, we commemorate St. Nektarios of Aegina. Our monastery has him as a protector and many faithful, both from Bucharest and outside the capital, visit us on these days, as St. Nektarios is known as a swift helper and great healer,” Fr. Nektarios emphasized.

“In recent years, the mercy of God has been shown to many of the faithful, especially to those who have gone through suffering and trials, through spiritual, but also physical illnesses, and, through the intercessions and prayers of St. Nektarios, they have found healing,” he said.

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“This also explains the veneration that the saint enjoys in our country and in the entire Orthodox world, because St. Nektarios is a great healer, who helps those tried by suffering, to heal and to come closer to God.”

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