St. Alexander Nevsky


The year 1240… Kiev, the capital city, the mother of Russian cities, is destroyed. A foreign army of Tartars are pouring over the Russian land, razing its cities and burning its settlements. One army after another perishes in the separate Russian princedoms that dared to enter into combat. But now there was a new calamity—enemies were advancing on Orthodox Rus’. Swedish soldiers were being sent against her, and the Teutonic and Livonian knights were sharpening their swords after them. They had one collective goal—to take possession not only of the land, but also the soul of the Russian people; to enslave the Russian man to a foreign power, and his soul to the Roman throne. Thus, the decisive hour was at hand. The Swedish forces were already landing in the territory of Novgorod. What is to be done? Submit to them, or enter into battle, risking the lives of the entire already small Novgorod army?

Ruling Novgorod at the time was the pious Prince Alexander Yaroslavovich. He understands that submission will save the lives of the Novgorodians and their possessions, but they will lose not only their sovereign but also spiritual freedom; that either by force or by cunning the foreigners will catch the Russian soul in their Roman nets and Rus’ will lose the Orthodox faith! Prince Alexander knows that Orthodoxy is the truth, and the priceless pearl, for which everything must be sacrificed. He believes that God does not abandon those who exert themselves for truth and righteousness, and he resolves to enter into combat…


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