Holy Synod of Jerusalem welcomes restoration of communion with Antiochian Patriarchate

Jerusalem, January 2, 2024


On Thursday, December 28, the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem gathered under the chairmanship of His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem.

According to the Synodal report, “His Beatitude and the Holy Synod exchanged messages with His Beatitude John X, Patriarch of Antioch, regarding the restoration of ecclesiastical communion with the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.”

The Antiochian Synod broke communion with the Church of Jerusalem on April 29, 2014, over a dispute concerning the canonical jurisdiction of Qatar, to which both Local Churches lay claim. However, on October 20 of this year, the Antiochian Synod resolved, while not backing down on its claim to Qatar, to nevertheless restore communion with the Jerusalem Patriarchate.

The Synod of Jerusalem “welcomed this decision, emphasizing the importance of reinforcing fraternal relations between the sisterly patriarchates of Antioch and Jerusalem.”

The Synod also addressed the war in the Holy Land, calling for increased prayers to end the war, and for Christians to “cease celebratory activities, focusing solely on customary religious services and prayers.”

The hierarchs commended His Eminence Archbishop Alexios of Tiberias and Archimandrite Silas, who have been sheltering hundreds of citizens in the St. Porphyrios Monastery in Gaza.

The Synod also applauded the efforts of His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan in delivering aid to the people of Gaza at St. Porphyrios’. It was earlier reported that the Jordanian air force air dropped aid to the church, though it was later clarified that though aid was dropped nearby, it never reached the church.

The Antiochian Church donated $42,700 for the suffering people in Gaza.

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