A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Exploiting Our Children

Debunking the “scientific basis” of Comprehensive Sexuality Education. Part 2

Part 1. Gender Theory: Science or Ideology?


Teaching of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) results in a dramatic increase in the number of children and youths opting to change their biological gender. In 2017, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported that over the past five years the number of children applying to sexual identity clinics quadrupled among those aged 3–10 and sextupled for children and youths aged 3–18. Compared to 2009, this represents a twenty-fivefold increase. Moreover, when compared to 1997, when the early sexuality education program was initially integrated into the curriculum materials, the surge appears even more substantial.1 This increased demand created a huge market for plastic surgeons and turned these types of surgeries into an exceedingly lucrative business.

Chris McGovern, former advisor to the Department of Education of Great Britain, says, “This has become an industry. People are making a career out of encouraging children to question their gender at an age when they need to be allowed to be children.”’

Joanna Williams, a university professor and an author of Women vs. Feminism, believes that feminists are trying to change the gender-related policies in schools and that sometimes children are being forced to “unlearn” the difference between boys and girls.

Feminists are forcing children to “unlearn” the difference between boys and girls

“Research suggests that only one percent of the population experiences gender issues. Although the number of transgender children is small, it is growing rapidly. Encouraged by their experiences at school, children are beginning to question their gender identity at ever younger ages.”

Joanna Williams adds that the growing number of children referred to gender-related consultations (and, consequently, to sex change clinics) is caused by the new policies adopted in schools that “encourage even the youngest children to question whether they are really a boy or a girl.”2

Before undergoing the final sex change surgery, children are required to go through four phases.

  1. Children aged 3 and up may be referred to the Gender Identity Development Service by their family doctor or Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services;

  2. Before reaching adolescence (at the age of eleven), the patient might receive prescriptions for hormone blockers, even though the full extent of the psychological effects of these medications and their impact on the brain is unclear.

  3. The third phase begins at sixteen, when estrogen or testosterone is prescribed after the patient has been taking hormone blockers for a minimum of twelve months.

  4. The last phase is the sex change surgery.

Some known side effects of hormonal therapy are listed below.

When transitioning from male to female, potential side effects may include infertility, vision issues, decreased libido, susceptibility to gall bladder disorders, increased risk of deep vein thrombosis, heightened risk of pulmonary embolism, susceptibility to depression, frequent mood swings, and other conditions.

Transitioning from female to male is linked to such side effects as susceptibility to type II diabetes and cardiovascular disorders, liver damage, liver cancer, weight gain, polycystic ovary syndrome, increased risk of endometrial cancer, and others.3

The fourth phase involves irreversible mutilation of the body! Boys are subjected to emasculation (amputation of genitals), while girls undergo mastectomy and hysterectomy (removal of breasts and uterus).4 As a result, young people can become permanently disabled, not only losing the ability to procreate but, as observed in practice, also experiencing the deprivation of any sexual pleasure. (It is ironic that feminists protesting against female circumcision in Islam, advocate for transgender programs that involve far crueller mutilations of people of both genders!)

Young people can become permanently disabled, losing the ability to procreate

This information is presented in the trailer for a short documentary (the link is provided in the Sex Change Problems note) that depicts the lives of teenagers who underwent hormone therapy and sex change surgery in the USA. In the documentary, they talk about their concerns, disillusionments and problems that led to their decision to revert to their biological gender, even though they understand that something has been irreversibly lost. The documentary, produced by Family Watch International in collaboration with the American College of Pediatricians, includes testimonies of parents, sexologists, pediatricians, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, therapists, and other specialists.5

Dr. Michelle Cretella, the President of the American College of Pediatricians, maintains a very firm stance.

So transgender ideology—yes, it’s child abuse because we are gaslighting our children. And now that they’re thoroughly confused, they will think that they really are the opposite sex and will be sent down a medical pathway. As they approach puberty, they will be put on puberty blockers and then on cross-sex hormones. That combination will permanently sterilize most, if not all, of those children and also put them at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers. If girls have been on testosterone, which is their sex change hormone, for a full-year, by age sixteen they can get a double mastectomy. So, gaslighting, pubertal castration and surgical mutilation: It’s institutionalized child abuse.”6

Later all these young people become members of the LGBT community! However, a great number of research papers indicate that the risk of psychiatric disorders, suicidal behaviors (resulting in suicide), alcohol and drug addiction, various types of cancer and other serious diseases is on average 4–5 times higher than in the heterosexual segment of population.7

The United Nations (UN) frequently uses paid lobbyists from high-budget corporations to promote adoption of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in the national legislation of its member countries.8 Paid “sexual and reproductive health services” may include sexual-health-related consultations, family planning, testing and treatment of STDs, as well as prevention and treatment of AIDS. This also includes related pharmaceutical products, vaccines, contraceptives, abortions, and other related services. Early sexualization of children through Comprehensive Sexuality Education may create lifelong clients who will be paying for these products and services all their lives. That is why this is a serious multi-billion-dollar business.

Sexualization of children through Comprehensive Sexuality Education is a serious multi-billion-dollar business

The severity of the problem compelled the European Center for Law and Justice to conduct a thorough investigation. Based on this investigation, a report was issued in early 2021 detailing the financial involvements and connections between the experts of the UN Human Rights Council and several private organizations. The main conclusion of the report is that private foundations are directly financing UN experts to develop programs aligned with the foundations’ interests. These programs are subsequently promoted as independent recommendations of the UN and used by governments and international courts to support or justify their decisions. This is a violation of the rules for adoption of the resolutions of the Human Rights Council and a blatant breach of the experts’ code of conduct, as the experts are supposed to be independent from both governments and private foundations. George Soros’s Open Society Foundations and associated entities rank among the most generous sponsors of the UN experts.9

The documentary The War on Children reveals shocking facts about various programs, strategies and guidelines implemented by UN and its divisions under the guise of improving sex education to foster greater tolerance to the idea that children are “taught” how to “change their gender”, achieve “sexual pleasure with same-sex partners, inanimate objects, animals, and non-consenting persons.”

A brochure Healthy, Happy and Hot explicitly informs HIV-infected young people that they can engage in sexual activities without notifying the partners about their HIV status and without using contraceptives!”10

All of this makes it very difficult for the supporters of Comprehensive Sexuality Education to convince us that this program does not sexualize children and is only geared towards reduction of teen pregnancies and STDs. In reality, the Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs go far beyond the “academic presentation of life facts”. Rather than simply providing information, the primary goal appears to be influencing and shaping opinions, behavior and decisions of young people concerning their sexuality and sexual identity. Furthermore, this form of education ingrains high-risk sexual behavior in children from a very young age, potentially resulting in severe physical and mental harm later in life!

Can parents object to the implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools or stop their children from changing their gender because they are too young to make such a decision? It turns out that they cannot, if the legislation regarding the CSE has already been enacted in their country! In Germany, parents who refuse to allow their children to attend the Comprehensive Sexuality Education classes are first fined and then imprisoned.11 In Great Britain, parents who oppose their children’s decision to undergo sex-change surgery, are simply deprived of their parental rights!12

In Germany, parents who refuse to allow their children to attend the Comprehensive Sexuality Education classes are first fined and then imprisoned

In certain countries, such as Canada, the situation is dire. Parents there are prohibited from disclosing their children’s situations to the media, and all such publications are forcibly withdrawn or removed by the police. Rob Hoogland, father of a fourteen-year-old girl, decided to talk to a local radio journalist Alexandra Gerson about his struggle with the authorities to protect his child from physical and mental harm.

“Court injunctions,” as reported in the article about this case, “have silenced all mass media in Canada, as a result no paper or electronic media is currently covering the story. Other than Gerson who spoke about Hoogland’s arrest in the blog of an American journalist, only American publications have been covering the story in the past few days…

“After Rob Hoogland gave several interviews to Canadian bloggers, the Supreme Court of British Columbia convened last Thursday. Judge Michael Tayman ruled that all records quoting the father be removed from social media. One of the bloggers, Laura-Lynn Thompson, declined to remove her publication and was visited by the police, who had an order to locate the recording equipment and personally remove the video clip.”13

We came across this particular case by chance, as Canadian authorities do not permit any investigation to ascertain the actual number of similar cases! Such a media blackout, however, creates a dangerous precedent, as parents fighting against the arbitrary actions of social services concerning their children can vanish in prisons (or who knows where!) and nobody in or outside the country will know anything about their fate!

Another law has been proposed in Canada, which, if passed, will criminalize any efforts involving therapeutic or Christian spiritual counseling for young people that assists them in overcoming uncertainty regarding their sexual identity and accepting the reality of their biological gender! Individuals violating this law will face severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment for up to five years.14 It’s anticipated that similar measures will soon extend to the entirety of the liberal and democratic West. According to one of the authors, “So, the people who fervently advocate the freedom of choice regarding gender and sexual orientation and identity exhibit zero tolerance for those seeking to return to heterosexuality!”

In other words, the situation is beginning to take on the characteristics of Satanism!

Meanwhile, it was announced in the USA in 2016 that dozens of social genders existed and failure to comply with the regulations establishing the correct pronouns when addressing such individuals would result in a substantial fine of $250,000!15 Luckily, soon the Republicans led by President Donald Trump came into power, and prevented the practical implementation of this regulation. However, as soon as the Democrats returned to power, things got back to the way they were and negative changes continued at full throttle. In early 2021, the House of Representatives (the lower chamber of Congress) adopted amendments to the 1964 Equality Act that allow children aged fourteen and above to change their gender without their parents’ consent. This act will be reviewed in Senate (upper chamber), where the amendments will probably be passed without any difficulties, since both chambers of Congress are dominated by the liberal and globalist Democratic Party. The updated act will become effective as soon as President Joe Biden ratifies it, and he said that he is definitely going to sign it.

Religious schools will be subject to sanctions if they adhere to traditional teaching based on biology and the Bible

When this act is adopted, federal civil rights legislation will include such terminology as “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”. Under the Equality Act, religious schools, adoption centers and other charity organizations will be subject to federal sanctions if they adhere to traditional teaching about sex and marriage based on biology and the Bible or genetics and the Book of Genesis. Both religious and atheist doctors will be in breach of civil rights laws if their expert opinion suggests that sex change is unnecessary. Moreover, refusal to perform an abortion will be considered “pregnancy discrimination”.16

Given the longstanding extraterritoriality practices of the United States (imposing their country’s laws worldwide), it’s likely that U.S. ambassadors, including the one in Sofia [Bulgaria], may try to introduce similar amendments in all countries under the U.S. influence.

Who promotes, funds and profits from the criminal Comprehensive Sexuality Education industry?

Internationally recognized expert and child psychiatrist Dr. Miriam Grossman posed the following rhetoric question during one of her speeches at the UN.

“Who came up with the notion that it’s necessary to teach the world’s children about high-risk sex acts their parents never heard of? The usual suspects: Planned Parenthood, and the Sexuality Education and Information Council of the United States (SEICUS). These groups portray themselves as guardians of our children’s health; they claim to provide students with all the information and skills they need to make smart choices. Their curricula, they declare, are comprehensive, age appropriate, ideologically neutral, and medically accurate. I’ve discovered that the vision of these two groups is not sexual health. It is sexual freedom. These large and powerful organizations believe in sexuality that extends from cradle to grave. They tacitly endorse early sexual activity and multiple partners as well as sexual experimentation, which are the very behaviors that fuel the epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, abortion and emotional distress… One of the learning objectives [of sexuality education] is to “change social norms.” They envision a world without sexual taboos and restrictions—a world free of Judeo/Christian morality where each individual, regardless of age, should be free to make his or her own sexual choices”.17

The vision of these two groups is not sexual health. It is sexual freedom

How were these two organizations formed? In 1942 c, a racist, known for her support of eugenics and German Nazism, founded Planned Parenthood18 in the United States. Over time the organization expanded globally and evolved into the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). Mary Calderone, an ardent advocate of Alfred Kinsey’s ideas, was appointed the Medical Director. In 1964, Hugh Hefner, the publisher of the Playboy magazine, provided Mary Calderone with funding specifically allocated for their joint project entitled the Sexuality Education and Information Council of the United States (SEICUS).19

After a while, IPPF and SIECUS gained recognition in the United Nations Organization, skillfully leveraging this status to become the world leaders in development and promotion of comprehensive sexuality education programs. These programs included the controversial philosophical experiments of the Kinsey Institute. Currently, their partners include a number of UN agencies, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNICEF and UNFPA as well as many other institutions!20

In 2014—2015, The Center for Medical Progress uncovered Planned Parenthood’s involvement in a significant international scandal, which became the subject of investigation by a parliamentary questionnaire commission. The scandal was centered around hidden-camera videos shot by activists that unambiguously demonstrated that for many years, Planned Parenthood had been involved in racially-motivated abortions, false advertisement, selling aborted embryo organs, covering up sexual abuse of minors, protection of sex traffickers, concealing cases of pedophilia, providing amoral consultations to children, and many other unethical activities.21

Even though Planned Parenthood could not refute the authenticity of the incriminating video clips, they are trying to sweep the most shocking details under the carpet. Specifically, they are trying to hide the fact that the organization has been turned into an abortion factory selling the organs of unborn babies and that its management and employees are profiting from it! The latter exposes a questionable morality behind the organization’s attempt to persuade women to undergo abortions. According to the organization’s own records, it facilitated 327,653 terminated pregnancies in 2013–2014!22

Planned Parenthood has been turned into an abortion factory selling the organs of unborn babies

However, a year and a half later, the Center for Medical Progress discovered that no action had been taken against Planned Parenthood. In fact, the organization had entered into contracts for the sale of aborted babies’ organs for years to come. In other words, Planned Parenthood needs a steady stream of pregnant women whose unborn babies will have to be killed so that the organization can fulfil its contractual obligations. For example, this type of a contract was in place with Stem Express laboratory. The laboratory that paid Planned Parenthood approximately one million dollars annually for abortions in order to receive lungs, brains and other body parts of aborted babies.

Despite the discovered evidence, the government of President Barack Obama continued financing Planned Parenthood, allocating a gigantic amount through government grants that exceeded 500 million dollars per year. This does not include additional “financial injections” received from a number of powerful international corporations. A fellow democrat Hilary Clinton, then presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, had stated on many occasions that if she won the elections, she would unequivocally support the organization and all abortion clinics.23

During the court proceedings, the undercover journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, who had made the compromising videos using a hidden camera, were indicted on fourteen counts related to recording confidential information without consent! The underhanded court order was executed upon the direct request of then-California Senator Kamala Harris, the current Vice President of the United States. An article in the Washington Examiner (see note at the end of this paragraph) states that she has “dirty political dealings” with Planned Parenthood! Only in 2019, the Court of California started preliminary hearing of witnesses’ statements under oath, some of which were shocking! For example, obstetrician-gynecologist Forest Smith stated that the abortion industry (which comprises various organizations) employs fraudulent practices to ensure that babies are born alive during abortion procedures. Then the babies are murdered, in order to ensure the organs and tissues to be sold are fresh and intact!24

The endless delays in the legal proceedings against Planned Parenthood and the attempts to prosecute the investigative journalists suggest that the entire criminal abortion cartel in the USA (and globally!) benefits from protection at the highest levels. These suspicions are confirmed by the existence of well-organized global black market dealing in human organs, tissues and genetic material, while the revenues of abortion clinics are measured in billions of dollars!

The entire criminal abortion cartel in the USA (and globally!) benefits from protection at the highest levels.

Unlawful removal of children from their families because “their rights are violated” (not only in Norway but globally) also results in a number of crimes against the most vulnerable members of society. For example, Nancy Schaefer, an American senator, speaking at the world congress in Amsterdam, Netherlands revealed shocking facts about child abuse. In her report entitled The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services presented to the government of the USA, she revealed numerous cases of trafficking between various states and countries where children were sold for prostitution or to high-ranking pedophiles. According to official statistics, the child mortality rate is six times higher in so called “foster care” than in their own families. We suggest that readers familiarize themselves with the facts from her report (see the link to video in the note), as it clearly reflects the things happening behind the curtains of the western democratic countries that are deliberately covered up by their governments.25

According to Gabriele Kuby, “Those who control the young people control the future, and they will win the culture war. Western Christian culture is based on family and sexual norms that make the family possible; that is. on monogamy…

“Let us clarify something. If Christian values are not passed on from generation to generation, the tradition disappears, as the saying goes, “God has no grandchildren”. The word tradition comes from Latin tradere which means to pass on and to guide. If one generation does not receive the things that are good, true and fair, it will not be able to pass them on to the next generations. It is an interruption of culture.

She continues, “Then who will benefit from sexualization of children and teenagers and training them about ‘the need for diversity’? We can suppose several participants in this process:

  • Those who want to create rootless people that are easy to manipulate for the purposes of achieving global strategic goals.

  • Those invested in curbing global population growth without altering worldwide wealth distribution.

  • Those affected by ‘heterosexual normativity’ and seek recognition through its destruction.

  • Those interested in observing the decline of the Western population in a ‘demographic winter’.

  • Those who have a vested interest in the dismantling of religion, particularly Christianity!”

In the end, the author reaches the following conclusion:

“The cultural revolution of our time increasingly limits individual freedom and broadens the power of the state over the individual and of international organizations over the states—in the service of the financial oligarchy and for toppling the moral order. Indeed, changing of values can lead to changing the world order, and since the changes are global, one can expect that the purpose of the revolution is to create a new world order. Rootless, dependent, malleable masses may be ready to celebrate a new—global—savior.”26

Indeed, changing values can lead to changing the world order

The “children’s rights” mentioned in the first part of the article allow the government, acting on the basis of the fictitious assumption that such measures best safeguard the interests of the children, to enforce highly stringent and oppressive laws against parents! It is easy to see that the Democratic Party of Bulgaria, backed by President Rumen Radev, lawyer Hadjigenov, and several other liberal leaders and organizations, is advocating for Constitutional amendments that are intended to align Bulgarian legislation with these liberal and globalist laws!

For years, hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian parents, guided by the Orthodox Church of Bulgaria, have vehemently opposed the pressure from the European Union and USA to amend our legislation in ways that would allow the introduction of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools and grant authorities the ability to remove children from parents who allegedly violate their “fundamental sexual rights”. Will we allow this to happen?

Valentin Velchev
Translation from the Russian version by Talyb Samedov


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Anne2/18/2024 8:32 pm
You are right Panagiotis. The world is heading towards judgement because it is allowing, and worse, encouraging the defilement and spiritual/bodily destruction of its young. Very few animals would behave like this! What has humanity become?! Demonised. God help us and have mercy.
Panagiotis2/17/2024 4:22 am
Thank you Valentin for an excellent job. This is one of the best articles I have ever read on this subject. You did a great job, and you documented your factual article well. As I have always said, feminism is the root cause of many of our societal problems. Transgenderism is evil, plain and simple, and those who are pushing it are mentally sick, plain and simple. Those who want to teach sex education to little children are also demented and mentally sick. Little children should not be taught about this as they are innocent. The homosexuals, the defile sodomites, are behind much of this as they want children to eventually become adult homosexuals. All of this is being pushed by the evil internationalists. Why? Because they are of their father Satan, that is why! Our Lord Jesus Christ said this Himself. Their False Messiah, who will be THE Antichrist, will also be a sexual deviant, born from a sexually defiled mother, a feminist sexual pig. That is why many of these internationalists have always been sexual deviants and have pushed homosexuality and other liberal nonsense in order to destroy the family, which will destroy the Church, which will destroy the Nation. That is why these diabolical demonic internationalists have succeeded in bringing dirty sodomite marriage and defile sodomite adoption of children to Orthodox Greece. God Almighty what a tragedy for a once great Orthodox Nation! What a tragedy my friends. The decadent West is pushing homosexuality, which will destroy the Orthodox Family and the Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Nations. Orthodox Greece made a big mistake when they turned to the defile West, I.E. the hypocritical so-called democracies that are nothing more than puppets in the hands of the sinister liberal internationalists. The dumb Greeks didn't learn from the past when the decadent West stuck a knife in the back of the Greek People, and gave the Turks the green light to invade Cyprus. In fact they gave the intelligence and weapons to the Turks to kill Greeks. The brainwashed Greeks didn't learn from the past when the Western powers set up Greece to be defeated during the Greco Turkish War. God Almighty how stupid the Greek People have become. Let us hope and pray to Almighty God and the Panagia to protect our Children, our Orthodox Families, our Orthodox Faith, and our Orthodox Nations. I am praying for my Conservative Russian Orthodox Brothers and Conservative Orthodox Russia, as they are our last hope and protection for the Orthodox. All Glory to God my friends. All Glory. Just my humble opinion.
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