“In the Greek Parliament, Christ is crucified again”—Athonite Monastery of Grigoriou

Mt. Athos, February 19, 2024

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On Thursday, February 15, Greek Parliament voted to legalize gay marriage and adoption by gay couples, making Greece the first Orthodox country to do so (though gay civil unions had already existed in Greece and a few other Orthodox countries).

The decision has caused an uproar in Greek society. Just as Church representatives continually spoke out against the bill before it was adopted, so several hierarchs have condemned the newly adopted law.

Among the Church representatives that have issued statements is Grigoriou Monastery, one of the 20 ruling monasteries on Mt. Athos. The brotherhood states unequivocally: “In the Greek Parliament, Christ is crucified again.”

Read the monastery’s complete statement:

“The rulers of the people have gathered against the Lord and against His Christ” (Orthros of Holy Friday)

In the Greek Parliament, Christ is crucified again.

The Ruler of the universe is insulted by lawless judges, save the praise worthy ones.

“The anointed of the Lord,” our baptized nation, is targeted. The forces of darkness, both foreign and domestic, are complicit in this endeavor.

The dragon was wroth against those who have the testimony of Jesus (Rev. 12:17).

Those who do not compromise with the commands of the globalists enter into great temptation. These are ancient travails.

The Church, the Synod, the clergy, and the people spoke out, raising their voice to the heavens: “It’s a crime!” But it falls on deaf rulers’ ears.

A day of abhorrence. The Fall of Constantinople pales in comparison; and even the deprivation of our homelands. Yet, there is an eye of justice.

The heavy consequences now fall on our own shoulders, and those of our children. The elderly, the young, and the unborn, we will all bear them. Especially for the innocent children, for whom the most shameful child abuse is being prepared.

Everything that has been legislated against God was presented as social progress: adultery, and abortion, and automatic divorce.

Now, “homosexual marriage” will accelerate this “progress.” We are falling lower and lower. We are swept into anthropocentrism, into idolatry.

For convenience, and with ease. Ionesco was absolutely right. In Paris, one after another they became rhinoceroses. Only one resisted, saying: “I will remain human.”

We knew and lived through the horrors of Soviet atheism. Now we’re enduring the horrors of the “white demonism” (St. Nikolai of Ohrid).

But let us take courage. Christ said, I have overcome the world. The Church remains forever.

It remains to annul the law in practice. To support our children in virtue and modesty. And that will be something magnificent.

Let us stay with Christ. Some trust in chariots, and some in horses, but we will call upon the name of the Lord our God (Ps. 20:7). Prayer is our strength.

The Church, after all, must take refuge in the “desert.” Whatever that prophetic desert may be. However, far from colluding with sinful legislation and lawless legislators.

Let us not be affected by the fear of poverty, social and psychological isolation. The Light of the Resurrection accompanies us.

In similar situations, our Holy Fathers triumphed with their courage. They preferred the labor of virtue, and, when necessary, exile, tribulation, deprivation.

Whether it concerned heretical doctrines or anti-evangelical morals.

In Babylon, the Three Youths were not concerned with their welfare, but rather endurance in the furnace.

The Patriarch in Constantinople during Julian the Apostate, recommended kollyva instead of the idol sacrifices imposed on the market.

A symbol of voluntary poverty, for the sake of Christ. To keep our conscience clean, unaffected by temptations.

Victory belongs to the slain Lamb. Ultimately, the crucified Christ will triumph, and those of us who are Christ’s, crucified with Him.

He expects us to follow Him. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing (2 Cor. 6:17), so that He might remain in our lives.

The Triodion opens in a few days; Great Lent is near. The life of repentance is neither folklore not a show of piety.

It is the practical and heartfelt distancing from all iniquity. Because the Resurrection awaits us!

Statements were previously issued by the Sacred Community of Mt. Athos, which consists of one representative of each of the 20 ruling monasteries, later by the Sacred Community together with the monastery abbots.

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