140 Greek Orthodox associations against the gay marriage bill

Greece, February 5, 2024

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Adding their voices to the protests coming from the Hierarchy of the Greek Church, the Eparchial Synod of Crete, the Sacred Community of Mt. Athos, and other hierarchs and Synods, more than 100 Orthodox Christian associations from all over Greece have come out against the government’s intentions to legalize gay marriage and gay adoption.

As of Saturday, 140 associations had united “against any attempt to legally equate same-sex relationships with heterosexuals and marriage under any pretext … call[ing] on everyone to react by any legal means for it to be canceled,” reports Vima Orthodoxias.

The signatory associations include Orthodox missionary brotherhoods, parenting associations, student unions, scientific associations, and many more.

The consciousness and tradition of the Greek people are clearly against gay marriages, reads the statement signed by the nearly twelve dozen groups. “In the consciousness of our people, there is the living Law of the Gospel, the will of God, the Tradition of our Church, which represent all Orthodox Christians, for whom such a union is blasphemous and destructive.”


In a heterosexual marriage and family, parents are called to sacrifice their rights for the sake of their children. In a same-sex “marriage,” the whole of society, and especially its most vulnerable members, the children, are called to be sacrificed to satisfy the contrived and unsubstantial rights of the homosexual “union.”

The Center for Patristic Studies in Marousi, Greece, is also organizing a rally against the bill in Athens on February 11. The government’s goal is for the bill to become law on February 15. Patristi

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