Hierarchs must rise above personal and political interests: Met. Neophytos on Ukraine, Putin, New World Order

Morphou, Cyprus, February 22, 2024

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The Western elites, the New World Order, and the demonic forces that drive them are very active in the world today, as seen in the war and ecclesiastical situation in Ukraine and other manifestations, says His Eminence Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou.

The hierarch of the Cypriot Orthodox Church gave an interview to the Russian TASS agency that was published yesterday in which he discussed Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Vladimir Putin, Ukraine, the relationship between the Russian and Cypriot Churches, and more.

Met. Neophytos notes that he watched President Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson because he “tries to listen to interviews with people who determine the history of the world… who determine thoughts, decisions, actions, right deeds and mistakes.”

He explains that he feels close to President Putin even though they’ve never met, and that he prays for him and other top Russian politicians at every Divine Liturgy at the request of Svetlana Medvedeva, wife of former Prime Minister and President Dmitry Medvedev.

His Eminence notes that he was impressed by the historical overview that President Putin presented to Carlson. “This is purely Byzantine and Eastern,” he said, because only leaders of ancient nations “can talk about modern events in an historical context,” whereas Westerners “proceed from the understanding that politics is primarily concerned with money, pipelines, geostrategic and geopolitical interests.”

In His Eminence’s view, the interview showed that the Russian head of state “doesn’t want war—he wants peace,” while it is the Western elites who want war.

Further, he states that as hierarchs of the Church, their concern should not be about how to get Russian pilgrims to Cyprus without direct flights, but rather “eliminating the disunity, the split between Greek and Russian Orthodoxy that arose after the granting of autocephaly to Ukraine.”

Many unfortunately look at pilgrimage as tourism and an opportunity to make money, “however, a true Orthodox has much deeper motives—he ascends to Heaven during a pilgrimage,” the Cypriot hierarch said.

In any case, the ban on direct flights between Russia and Cyprus “was introduced by Western elites” and “their master is Satan, who doesn’t want ties between people, doesn’t want pilgrimages, and opposes the holy Orthodox Liturgy.”

And concerning the issue of Russians living in occupied Northern Cyprus, Met. Neophytos warns: “May there not be a big mistake on the part of the Russian Patriarchate … in sending their priests to occupied Cyprus. Then the problem will turn from a political one into a spiritual one.”

Concerning the Church situation in Ukraine, the Metropolitan repeats his well-known stance of recognizing only the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its ascetic primate His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine.

According to Met. Neophytos, God sends virtuous primates to Local Churches that are undergoing trials. For example, the Serbian Church was led by His Holiness Patriarch Pavle during the NATO bombing in 2000, and now the Ukrainian Church is led by Met. Onuphry. Meanwhile, the schismatics of the “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” should show Orthodox obedience and repent of their sins before Met. Onuphry, says the Cypriot Metropolitan, but “they show arrogance and satanic demonism.”

A serious problem in the Church today is that Synods, primates, and bishops don’t always follow Church guidelines, but often proceed from national interest. “The policy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate … proceeds from national criteria,” Met. Neophytos states. “You see, this is a very big problem—the connection between the Orthodox faith and national consensus. The Russians have the same problem, and the Serbs have the same problem.”

“And where Church decisions fail to convey the truth of Christ to the people, the Lord humbly provides an opportunity for politicians, the military, and economists to implement their own plans…,” His Eminence states.

Hierarchs must rise above personal and political interests “and not cooperate with the KGB, the CIA, or the Cypriot Intelligence Service, to be an open person who relies on the Holy Gospel and the canons of the Orthodox Church.”

And turning to the war in Ukraine, His Eminence points to the New World Order and the demonic forces underlying it:

The war that is happening now isn’t a war with NATO. This is a war against demonic forces and their energy. The Orthodox must understand this. Therefore, they [representatives of the new world order] undertook to separate us so that we would quarrel with each other. Weaken us. What for? Because only Orthodox service to the Lord gives birth to saints. Demons and the New World Order are afraid of saints...

The legalization of gay marriage, digital identity cards, and COVID vaccines are all part of the New World Order plans, Met. Neophytos explains. He continues:

Various geophysical cataclysms are coming, which will occur in America, Europe, and Asia, and their consequences will be terribly catastrophic. And at the very end they will escalate into a world war. When the Israelis strike Iran’s nuclear program, countries such as Russia and China will be obliged to respond. The prophecies of the saints say that nuclear weapons will be used. And the most dramatic thing is, you know what? That Russia and China don’t want this. This is what the New World Order really wants. They push them, put pressure on them to do it, to then say, “It’s their fault!” We said that the goal of the New World Order is to reduce the world’s population. Therefore, nuclear weapons and world war, like epidemics, are an excuse for them.

Finally, addressing the question of restoring communion and dialogue between the Russian Church and the Cypriot primate and other hierarchs who recognize the Ukrainian schismatics, His Eminence states: “Understand what I said earlier. Epidemics, world wars, earthquakes, floods—all those events that will lead a man to kneel and repent before Christ are already knocking on the door...”

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