Metropolitan of Zambia discharged after being hospitalized for 10 days with malaria

Athens, February 29, 2024

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The Metropolitan of Zambia has been released from the hospital after a 10-day stay for treatment of malaria.

On February 17, the Metropolis reported that Metropolitan Ioannis was being treated in the ICU at Eugenides Hospital in Athens, which caused him to miss the meeting of the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria.

Later that day, the Metropolis published the following message from an Archdeacon Prodromos:

For some of us who suffered the experience of MALARIA +++ untreated for a very long time in our continent Africa, the patient’s FEVER can rise to more or less 35%, the body trembles and is completely weakened, the dizziness, malaise and vomiting may be common. This condition makes the patients weak and vulnerable, and all they need is tranquility and submission to doctors' directives.

This is why in the case which concerns Our Shepherd and Spiritual Father, His Eminence Archbishop IOANNIS, sick and untreated for around 30 years, with love and solidarity, we humbly ask all our brothers and sisters to pray for him and to be patient from contacting him temporarily to allow him recover effectively following the advice of his doctors!

And yesterday, February 28, the Metropolis reported that Met. Ioannis has been discharged. The hierarch expressed thanks to all the doctors and medical staff who helped him and all those who prayed for him.

“These words from the Gospel define the appropriate attitude,” Met. Ioannis said, “Fear not: believe only (Lk. 8:50).

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