Greece: Corfu now the third diocese to excommunicate local deputies who voted for gay marriage

Corfu, Greece, March 6, 2024

Met. Nektarios of Corfu. Photo: Met. Nektarios of Corfu. Photo:     

Following in the footsteps of the Metropolises of Piraeus and Kythira, the Metropolis of Corfu has resolved to excommunicate local deputies who voted for gay marriage last month.

A General Clergy Assembly was held at the diocese’s spiritual center yesterday, March 5, under the presidency of His Eminence Metropolitan Nektarios of Corfu. In the resulting statement, the priests and deacons of the Metropolis express their “deep sadness” that two deputies of their prefecture voted to legalize gay marriage and adoption by gay couples, despite being informed of the Holy Synod’s position on the matter, reports the Orthodoxia News Agency.

“They have gravely erred spiritually, whether because they followed ‘party discipline’ or because they don’t understand that to be a member of the Church one must follow and obey its teachings, not selectively, but in their entirety,” the Assembly states. “For us, therefore, these two parliamentarians cannot consider themselves as active members of the Church.”

Therefore, the deputies are excommunicated within the Corfu Diocese. The Assembly resolved:

We therefore call on them to abstain from any ecclesiastical event, we do not consider that they are allowed to partake of the immaculate Mysteries, and we urge them to repent for their mistake.

We declare, however, that henceforth we will not bestow upon them any honor that stems from the relationship between the state and the Church in official events, in parish worship gatherings, and processions, and we call on them to take responsibility for their actions.

The clergy note that even in the Czech Republic, a country “governed by high rates of atheism among its population,” the Parliament refused to recognize gay marriage or grant them the right to adopt children. Meanwhile, to Greece’s shame, headlines are proclaiming it as the first Orthodox country to legalize gay marriage, the Assembly laments. clergy

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