In Alma-Ata was celebrated the feast of All the New Martyrs of Kazakhstan

Alma-Ata, September 20, 2010

On September 18, 2010, the eve of the feast of the Synaxis of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Kazakhstan, a delegation of archpastors arrived in Alma-Ata: Archbishops Antony of Uralsk and Gurievsk, Vikenty of Ekaterinburg, Elevthery of Chimkensk and Akmolinsk, Paul of Ryazan and Kasimov, and Bishop Alexander of Baku and Prikaspiisk.

As reports, the celebrations began in the St. Nicholas Cathedral of Alma Ata. The head of the Metropolitanate in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Metropolitan Alexander of Actanai and Kazakhstan, along with the newly arrived archpastors and clergy of Alma-Ata, solemnly venerated the relics of New Confessor Nicholai, Metropolitan of Alma-Ata and Kazakhstan. After a brief moleben and greeting from Metropolitan Alexander, the participants departed for the central cemetery of Alma-Ata, where they served a Litya for the reposed at the grave of Metropolitan Joseph (Chernova).

The archpastoral delegation visited other churches and beneficent institutions of the Orthodox Church, joined by local civic leaders of region. On the same day in the Ascension Cathedral of Alma-Ata, they served the All-Night Vigil, Metropolitan Alexander presiding. At his blessing, a reliquary with the relics of New Confessor Sebastian of Karaganda was brought from Karaganda. Also brought for the occasion were relics of Holy Hieromartyrs Seraphim and Theognost of Alma-Ata, and relics of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called.

On the following Sunday, Metropolitan Alexander together with the archpastoral delegation and regional clergy served Divine Liturgy. After the Liturgy, a moleben was served to all the new martyrs, Confessors and sufferers for the Orthodox Faith and the Church of Christ in Kazakhstan, before the saints' relics brought for the event.

The archpastors congratulated Metropolitan Alexander with his name day (since his name day occurred while he was on pilgrimage to the holy places of Iberia). The sisters of the Iveron-St. Seraphim Convent of Alma-Ata also presented the Metropolitan with commemorative gifts.

Honored guests at the celebrations included: the General Consul of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan B. B. Meschaninov, Advisor to the Director of the International Center of Culture and Religion of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. M. Mukhashov, Chief Inspector of the Akimat of the city of Alta-Ata on matters of religious congregations V. A. Ivanov, Director of the representation of "Gasprom" in the Republic of Kazakhstan Y. V. Pishmin, and representatives of the Moslem muftiate of Kazakhstan.

Guests from the Russian Orthodox Church also arrived from Germany, Russia, Azerbaijan, Estonia and various towns of Kazakhstan to honor the memory of all those who suffered in Kazakstan during the communist terror.


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