Georgian language services renewed on Mt. Athos after 80 years

Mt. Athos, September 29, 2013

A Georgian Monk, Father Ermolaos (Chezhia) who serves in St Panteleimon's Monastery is spreading information that on the Holy Mount of Athos, non-stop Georgian worship has been restored after a 80-year hiatus, reports Gruzia Online.

"Georgia, this is one of the most important events of the modern history of Georgia! The last time Georgian monks celebrated unceasing services in the cell of St. Stephen at St. Panteleimon Monastery, where in 1919, 17 Georgian monks, forced out of a cell in the Iveron Monastery, found their refuge. Unfortunately, On September 4 (according to the old calendar), 1932, there was a fire in this cell in which several monks died, and the library with the archive burned down. From that time, Athonite monks have not celebrated unceasing services in Georgian.

My friends, I congratulate all Georgia on this great event and ask everybody: let us pray together for the monks who serve in the new Georgian monastery: The Abbot, Archimandrite Gregory, brethren, Hieromonk Ignaty, Monk Malachi, and novice David," said Father Ermolaus in his letter.


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