Kidnapped Christian girl freed by special services of Egypt

Cairo, February 6, 2014


The security service of Egypt succeeded in freeing a Christian girl who had been kidnapped by a terrorist group, reports Linga with reference to its own source in the department.

On February 2, head of the security service of muhafazah (one of the governorates of Egypt) Kena Muhammad Kamal received a report from a police department about the kidnapping of a young woman named Esther Kaddis, who lived in the village of Bahjura, Nag Hammadi.

The Christian woman was abducted on the road, leading towards the village church, where she was going on Sunday.

A task force was formed at once, and after a brief search, the location of the girl and her kidnappers was found. At the present time, E. Kaddis is alive; she is staying at the Nag Hammadi police headquarters and is providing evidence. On their part, respective departments filed a petition to the public prosecutor's office regarding the institution of a criminal case (article: "kidnapping of people").


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