How Putin Taught Me a Lesson in Being Christ-like

Source: Russia Insider

November 26, 2015

Russia is the last major world power defending Christianity Russia is the last major world power defending Christianity

When Turkey ambushed and shot down the Russian SU-24 on Tuesday, the world held its breath.

Would this “stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists”, as Putin stated it, trigger World War III?

Despite Turkey’s insane act of war, Putin has no plans for starting a war against Turkey and its NATO accomplices.

No doubt Putin’s decision not to retaliate with military force springs from political strategy.

Yet nevertheless, it can also be seen as a self-sacrificial act.

Putin and Russia have received a major blow and chosen to turn the other cheek. Not because Russia is weak, fearful or incapable of responding with deadly force. But Putin has chosen to defeat the greater evil of terrorism instead of taking revenge.

Putin now invites his foes to cooperate to defeat the menace of terrorism. This is similar to Christ enduring the pain and shame of the cross to save the world. Russia seems to follow the same path.

Putin’s political decision is an expression of moral superiority and meekness that springs from being poor in spirit, the first step of following Christ and an ultimately spiritual Christian virtue.  The society of which he is leader possesses the Christian foundation from which such stature springs.

Putin has not only taught me what it means to be Christ-like – his Christ-like response saved the entire world from war on Tuesday.

Thank God for Mr. Putin.

Iben Thranholm

Russia Insider


Leif Fjeldberg11/29/2015 3:10 pm
Takk for en meget fin artikkel. Har virkelig Russland blitt et land som forvarer kristen moral? Her i vesten, i hvert fall i Norge, har vi fjernet kristendommen i skolene og i lovverket. I asylmotakene mе det ikke finnes et kristent symbol. Er det flyktningene som ikke tеler et kristent symbol, eller er det venstresiden eller norges шvrige befolkning som er sе kristendomsfiendtlig? Her lever vi i et "Demodiktatur"etter min oppfatning.
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