On Migrants and a Biblical Paradigm


From the Western Europeans’ point of view, migrants from Muslim countries are misfortunate people who should be grateful to them, the Europeans, till their dying day for allowing them to live in such an Old World, manicured place. But from the Muslim migrants’ point of view, Europeans are for the large part irreparably godless people, who for some incomprehensible reason have at their disposal unheard-of worldly goods. The divergence of views is very serious. The former say, “We take pity on you, and you should be grateful to us.” And the latter say (at least many of them do): “We hold you in contempt and are certain that people like you should not live.” From this proceed axes, machetes, bombs, machine guns, and trucks gone haywire. There will be no assimilation, and we have to be honest about this. There will be war (there already is). There will be the inevitable chemical fizzing and repulsion, as when water is combined with acid. On one side, the side of the indigenous Europeans, this will be a struggle for vague and lifeless liberal values that are tasteless as egg whites (tolerance, gender, phantom freedom). On the other side will be a concrete war waged by bearers of specific religious ideas for the triumph of their worldview (God permits, God forbids. That’s all there is to it!). And, incidentally, there is a very clearly analogous biblical story for this modern phenomenon.

During the time of Joseph, the Jews entered Egypt as a large pastoral family trying to save themselves from famine. Over the next several centuries they grew to the scale of a large nation, no longer herding sheep but now enslaved and occupied with construction. (If you look at the ethnicity of the workers at Moscow construction sites you’ll see yet another similar trait1). Then came the Exodus and wandering in the desert, during which the Jews became no longer shepherds or builders. They were wayfarers and warriors. Coming out of Egypt they died either as a punishment for complaining, or from natural causes. New people were born to replace the dead. These were destined to enter into Canaan. The people who occupied the Promised Land during the time of Joshua, son of Nun, had been torn from cultural creativity and sedentary life. They did not build, nor sow, nor reap harvests, nor make crafts. They only travelled and fought wars. They were several generations of people who had completely forgotten what it means to work the land or to build!

Meanwhile they were foreordained to settle into lands where there were already houses and roads, orchards and vineyards, pools and wells. That is, the dusty pilgrim and yesterday’s wanderer was willed by God to possess lands on which the plowman and vineyard keeper, smith and weaver, doctor and merchant had already lived for centuries.


True, the Jews had something that the Canaanites didn’t. The Jews had a religious law received on Mt. Sinai; they had the commandment to fear the Lord throughout their days and to strive to observe everything that was written in the book of the Law. But the Canaanites had burgeoning depravity, just as sophisticated as it was vile. They had ritual prostitution, both female and male. There were sacrifices to demons, a pagan priestly caste, and festivals celebrated by orgies. They had bestiality, fortune telling, and communication with the dead. Shady groves were places of ritual debauchery, and in the valleys they could incinerate infants. They had everything that the Lord told the Jews about in the Scriptures: “Do not act according to the customs of the peoples in those lands. Do not repeat their abominations, for because of these abominations I am driving them from your face. Do not make drawings and cuts on your bodies. Do not call upon the dead. Have no sorcerers amongst you. Do not lie with a man as with a woman. Do not copulate with animals. If you shall do these things, and learn what you should not, then I will drive you also from this land flowing with milk and honey. Fear the Lord. And now go forth and take possession of the land, live in houses that you did not build. Eat the fruits that you did not plant.” The formerly Christian Old World is risking a repeat of this picture from sacred history in certain clearly drawn traits.


For all the mistakes and errors the migrants’ Muslim faith might have, by far not all of what they believe is false. What is false can only be seen in comparison with the Gospels. But in comparison with the liberal catechesis and moral situation of the modern West, we see the falseness of the latter. The Muslim looks preferable. The Muslim believes in the future life, in heaven and hell. This is something unseen for him until the time of its reality. The European laughs everywhere at such “archaism”. For the Muslim the body is what will resurrect on the Last Day. The body must not be defiled while alive or burned after death. For the European it is the other way around: Debauchery during one’s lifetime is the norm, and after death—throw it into the fire with no thought for the resurrection. The Muslim does not value his own biological life above all, and he especially doesn’t value the biological life of his ideological opponent. Above all for him are the laws of the Most High—as they have been explained to him. Therefore he is not afraid to die, or to kill. The post-Christian European knows no other values besides biological existence. Meeting face to face with a culture that looks differently at death is threatening and unbearable for the post-Christian European. So he loses the battle halfway down the road to this meeting.

Well, and the further it goes the worse it gets. Next come the issues of gender, childlessness, abortions, nudist beaches, and shameless women—everything that evokes hatred and religious wrath in the migrants. Yes, they came to a foreign country. They are “newcomers”. But forget it. Enough. They’ve already arrived. “It is forbidden to sunbathe without a bathing suit in front of other people,” they say as a noisy crowd of them arrives at the nudist beach with firearms. Now we have an argument going on with a deaf person. The European raises his eyebrow indignantly and says, “How dare you try to teach us? After all, we gave you shelter.” At which Yusif or Ali reply unperturbed, “You are doing what is forbidden. You have no faith, no shame, no conscience. You didn’t simply invite us here as guests. First you bombed our cities. Just wait and see—we will teach you yet to honor God.” And no matter how sorry we may feel for Kurt or Fritz, we have to recognize some truth in Yusif and Ali’s words.


The women who were groped and manhandled on the Koln Cathedral Square were not just victims of hooliganism. Women are the conqueror’s first trophy. It is a clear, emblematic trophy. “To rape your conquered opponents’ women before his eyes—that is happiness,” said Genghis Khan. Very little has changed since then in the psychology of conquerors. And that they thrust their hands into the German girls’ coats in the center of town, in the presence of German men, has to be read as a message: “You are weak. We will do whatever we want with you. And we have the right to do so.” In general the “humiliated women of the East” are women over whom many men are worrying: fathers, uncles, brothers, fiancés (if there is one), and then, sons. No one is worrying about the European women. As it turns out, not even the police, even in Germany. And the women, as always, are the first to feel the destruction of their civilization—with their own flesh.


The day is not far off when Arabs and Africans will want to live not in refugee camps and migration centers but in the apartments of the current owners. They will want to live like the formers owners lived, and not near them but in their place. Of course, in order to uphold the European standard of living there has to be knowledge and labor. Electricians, doctors, engineers, pilots and so on are needed. Hundreds of professions and succession of order and government are needed. That is why the future of a tattered Europe is dark. The majority of migrants will not care to study and work. The majority wants to take what is not theirs by force, to trample underfoot the miniature, man-made paradise as Attila the Hun trampled and plundered Rome. They have little interest in what will come later. They are only the axe in the hand of the wielder, and an axe is not accustomed to thinking. But that will come later. For now the migrants are the same “whip of God” for Europe as the barbarians were for the Eternal City. Even those immigrants who have gone corrupt in the European manner (for they do get corrupted in Europe) will not become tolerant. They will remain as religiously motivated foreigners, mystically hating the godless whites who are fattened and paralyzed.

In Europe a right flank is possible and expected. Various ultras and fascists youths, boiling racism, is being born in places such as soccer fields. But this will not save the situation in and of itself. This will be agony. The situation can only be cured if Europe returns to its ancient Christian religiousness. Victory has to take place in the spirit. But this only antidote has to be recognized as impossible. Europe does not have the strength for a Christian renaissance.

The white man of the Old World will be further content to think that he has the right to live and sin as he wishes. But the malevolent paupers with the Koran in their hands will, like nomads taking over a desert oasis, occupy the living areas piece by piece, biting it off block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood. And at some stage of critical mass they will cease to be ashamed and hide or explain their actions and beg pardon. They will simply begin kicking Europeans out of their homes with weapons in their hands, charge them the taxes that infidels are supposed to pay, organize sharia courts, force women to cover their heads, and so on. They will act steadily and logically. The process is looking completely irreversible.

This all effects Russia. We have to rethink our cultural dependency on the West. In order to deal with the vapors of depravation that are wafting to us from Europe, we need a Christian respirator. And we need to love and assimilate everything that gave birth to Christian Europe. But everything that was born in post-Christian Europe should be kept and at a distance and studied with caution—in most cases, discarded after research. By adopting degenerative cultural innovations, we ourselves, like Europeans, will become vulnerable. Orthodox Russia was able to build good neighborly relations with Muslims within the country and adjoining it. The Muslim nieghbors not only feared Russia but also respected it, and there were good reasons for that respect. Post-Christian Russia will be just as weak and vulnerable as any egotistical and godless man before a religiously motivated opponent with a higher goal.

Our Muslims are not new arrivals. They are native. We do not have a significant language barrier, and any cultural barriers have been mostly smoothed out. We have to do at home what the Europeans are not, and by all appearances, will not be able to do. The Muslims of the 21st century have an accusation against Christians of the 21st century. The essence of this accusation is simple: Where is your sanctity? Where are prayer and fasting? Where is respect for elders and a wife’s obedience to her husband? Where is your youth: in smoke-filled clubs or in the gym? Where is compassion? Not just charity but compassion? Where is your knowledge of your own history? And if we are silent with shame in reply, they will say, “Look at us.” They will show us their better traits, be silent about the bad ones, and we will fall into deeper silence. So we mustn’t be silent. Our answer must be living and religious.

Here is our fasting and our prayer. Here is our help for each other. Here are our youth. Here are our families. We remember everything that is ours, and respect what is others’. We are healing the wounds of the past, and the results can already be seen.” If this answer will be founded on and supported by incontrovertible facts, then there will be peace and mutual respect. You can’t but respect people who protect the family, help each other, worship God in Spirit and in Truth, respect their neighbors, and eat the bread they earned and not stole. By the same token one can totally disdain those who have none of this. Then the earth under the feet of former owners will unnoticeably cease to belong to them. All the documentation and wills might be in order, but something has slipped from its foundation and begun to slide into the abyss. This is basically what is happening in Europe without any chance that the situation will change. This basically must not be allowed in Russia; and we still have the resources and time to prevent it.

1 The vast majority of construction workers in Moscow are migrants from Central Asia or the Caucasus. They tend to group together according to nationality.—Trans.
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P.McCoy10/21/2018 10:49 pm
My question about these rates and sexual assaults said to be committed by Moslems upon White European Women- why are European White MEN acting as IF they, down to the Nationals in each country act as if none of THEM ever committed these heinous acts against their OWN Women and Children? To act as if being sexually assaulted by some non White/non Christian Man is more defiling really exposes the absolute fact that your position is based on racism and religious bigotry.

BERTIE8/5/2017 8:26 pm
Adam T.C. Wallace11/17/2016 9:27 pm
God bless you, Father. Succinctly put.
S. BOTSAS11/16/2016 9:12 pm
The article of Father Andrei Tkachev is interesting.
I would like to come into contact with someone who speaks
English from your site.
Alan10/13/2016 12:35 am
The very first comment on this article proves the author's point. Germans are cucked beyond belief, complete cowards who deserve to have their women abandon them for a stronger invasion force.

Hitler was right about the war leaving only the worst Germans behind.
JJ10/10/2016 4:20 pm
I live in Germany and have therefore a little more “on the ground” knowledge than the author about the refugee situation in Germany and Europe.
This article is inflammatory, promotes hatred, slanders the German police, all Europeans, and all Muslims. Some statements could be considered libellous (esp. that concerning the German police). The article is completely lacking in nuance, wisdom and spirituality and is badly written/poorly translated. Even the article’s initial sentence contains a mistranslation - “misfortunate” should be "unfortunate".
Notes and quotes: “No one is worrying about the European women... not even the police, .. in Germany.” - The Cologne police would be interested to respond to this statement. There was a long investigation. “Our Muslims are.. are native... cultural barriers have been mostly smoothed out. “ The arbitrary arrest of migrant workers in Russia from the ex-Soviet republics, violence against / exploitation of / prejudice against them, prejudice is widely reported in the media.
“But the malevolent paupers with the Koran in their hands will, like nomads taking over a desert oasis, ….” this is purely inflammatory, playing with atavistic fears with its use of culturally loaded words such as “Koran .…nomads …. desert”… all in a sentence which threatens dispossession.
Mark Citadel10/7/2016 1:33 am
We need warriors of Tradition from the fields, from the mills, from the lecture halls, from the priesthood, in the vein perhaps of the Romanian 'Legion of the Archangel Michael' who toiled even under the harshest persecutions for a flowering Christian Romania. It is not enough to merely asert a right of ethnic continuation and permanence, but ask for what, what have the Russians within them that warrants their flourishing, their children to breathe in the crisp air of the Taiga and Tundra? They must be reverent, strong, moral, striving for beauty and willing to sacrifice. These are the children of God who will be fortified and protected, and their progeny after them.

May God ignite in the Russian people the impetus to resist the Modern World, revolt against it in the Evolian sense, and conquer her oppressors with the sign of the cross as Constantine.

The world may yet depend on it.
Mark Citadel10/7/2016 1:31 am
Dear Father Andrei, God bless you a thousand times for writing such a timely piece, and with no fear to speak the truth plainly as it is.

I still think there is hope for Europe. It is fading, faster in some countries than others, and we must be guarded in knowledge that nations have been swallowed up and stricken from history before (whatever happened to the Hittites?). I do think in the end, it will come to blood, and this is tragic as such a thing did not need to happen but was invited in.

As to Russia, she has a deep sickness that still claws at her from the inside, the ravages of alcoholism, abortion, petty crime, civil corruption, broken infrastructure, and apathy. How can these problems be solved? There are those with power who have the will to address them, but the very soul of Russia cannot be healed even by a Tsar by force of top-down policy. Resurrection of Holy Russia must come from the soil up, through the Sobornost! It must be organic, and arise from a sense of what it means to be Russian, to be Orthodox, to raise arms with Christ in victory over death and accusation!
ChiRho10/4/2016 8:41 pm
I also agree with most points here. What I would alter would be: 1) A better comparison, instead of the Jews entering Canaan after the Exodus, would be the Babylonians entering the Holy Land after the Jews abandoned God. We should be cautious not to allow Islam to be interpreted as anything, but a false, pagan religion. The Jews took Canaan from the pagans after the Exodus by God's desire and His decree, they were God's people. The Babylonians were allowed to conquer because God would no longer protect His people once they committed adultry against Him. The Babylonians did not have the True Faith or worship the True God, as the Muslims do not. 2) The Muslims are not generally behaving differently towards Russians because they respect the greater emphasis on family values, modesty, and religious dedication. These things most certainly must be promoted and preserved through Christian Orthodoxy, but they are not what brings respect from the Muhammadans. Muslims only respect force. The typical Euro man (or Euro governmental stance) is seen as weak and effeminate, passive, wimpy. The typical Russian man (or likewise governmental stance) is seen as masculine, not a pushover, unafraid to meet force with force. Orthodoxy is the cornerstone and reason for Russian strength I believe, but it is the no-nonsense image (that is backed up by action) that keeps Muslims from running wild in the streets and pillaging.
Anthony10/3/2016 8:33 pm
A lot of truth spoken here. Personally though, I feel less than nothing for the white man of Old Europe. Being a Greek Cypriot whose own country was once the colony of said White Man, and before that as well as currently under occupation by the other demographic to which this article refers i.e. the Muslim, I really believe that they deserve each other. The Western white man has caused untold misery and suffering across the world over the centuries as have the Muslims. Two sides of the same coin. My only regret is that my own government and that in Greece has sold our Hellenic nation into the White Man's slavery now known as the European Union. However I do not believe that Islam will in fact conquer Europe in light of the prophecies of St Kosmas Aitolos, St Paisios and Geronda Iosif. We are on the cusp of ww3, which is likely to wipe out a huge proportion of the world. Following on from it, they predicted that there will be one last flourishing of Orthodox Christianity before the advent of Antichrist. There are loads of youtube videos, and writings on the web about it.
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