When Bad Things Happen

Where is God when bad things happen?


We often wonder why God allows bad things to happen, sometimes even questioning if God cares at all about the evil things that happen to good people. Yet we forget that our God created us in such a way that we can freely return His love for us, and that in this freedom, we can even love others. We have all been given the freedom to do what we want, and to live our lives the way we please. The Lord lets us do drugs. He lets us be disrespectful to our parents, or cruel to those we decide are beneath us. He lets us avoid paying our taxes, or commit fraud for our own gain. God lets us avoid going to the services in our temples, while allowing us to choose partying with our friends on a Saturday night, over communing with our Creator God.

Our God allows us to spend all our time pursuing entertainment, and mindlessly focusing on social networking, to the exclusion of communing with Him. He lets us speed and cross the centerline into oncoming traffic, and although He doesn’t like it when we do, He refrains from forcing Himself on us. He lets us make bad decisions, but is sad because He knows what will come of it.

Our God, Who is ever loving, caring, and compassionate, watches over each and every one of us. God even has hopes and plans for us just like our families do. But just like our earthly parents, He allows us to make our own choices on what we want to do, and, like our friends and families, is saddened when we make bad choices. Bad things happen, not because God doesn’t care, but because, in our free will, we, His creatures, make bad things happen by choosing to do what we want, regardless of the consequences.

Finally, we live in a fallen world. This is not God’s doing, but our own. God did not create evil, we did, and the end result was that death entered our world. Christ came to destroy the power of death by His own death, and holy resurrection.

Joseph Bell1/4/2017 9:51 pm
I have found that many of the things that happened to me that I thought we're 'bad,' turned out to be good, and many of the things that I thought we're 'good,' turned out to be bad.
The most important lesson that I learned? Just don't turn your back on God.
Anthony12/12/2016 9:58 pm
Sorry but I think the good Abbot has slightly missed the mark. God does smack down if he sees there is still hope of change in a person. If I recall correctly it was Elder Amphilochios who warned a man that he needed to look up to heaven more often and stop looking down at earth so much i.e. he was a workaholic. God knocked him down with an illness so that he would be forced to pray more. The Elder told him that he would recover, but that he should be more vigilant in his prayer life so he is not forced to look up to heaven against his will in future.
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