Russian Church sends $2,000+ to help Transbaikal flood victims

Moscow, July 13, 2018

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The Synodal Department for Charity of the Russian Orthodox Church has transferred 146,000 rubles ($2,345) to the Nerchinsk Diocese on Wednesday to organize assistance for flood victims in the Transbaikal Region. The funds will be used to purchase food and basic necessities for the victims, reports the Department’s website.

Heavy torrential rains in the Transbaikal Region recently led to overflowing rivers flooding a number of settlements, including the cities of Chita, Nerchinsk, and Shilka.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, 234 houses, 28 multi-story buildings, and 672 surrounding territories remain flooded. An emergency situation has been declared throughout the Transbaikal Region. Several thousands have been affected by the flooding according to the Nerchinsk Diocese.

The diocese has been providing assistance since the first days of the flood, setting up help centers in various affected settlements. A fundraiser has also been organized throughout the diocese, and a website, SOS Transbaikal, with current information about victims’ needs and videos from the scene.

Food and water and other essential items, such as rubber boots, warm sock, and hygiene products, including diapers for babies and bedridden patients have been purchased thus far.

Victims will also receive material aid from the local government, reports East Russia.

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