Fire breaks out near Hilandar Monastery on Mt. Athos for second day in a row

Mt. Athos, June 8, 2018

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Another fire broke out yesterday on Mt. Athos near the Serbian Hilandar Monastery, reports

This is the second day in a row for such news. As reported yesterday, a fire broke out in the early afternoon on Wednesday and was quickly brought under control.

Yesterday’s fire began around 4:30 PM near the site of the previous day’s fire. 20 firefighters in 7 trucks, with another 14 people on foot and 2 aircraft fought the fire. As of last evening, it was reported that there were no winds in the area and that they hoped to extinguish the fire soon.

There have been many lightning strikes in the area lately, with many small fires breaking out. There are many fires on Mt. Athos in general in the summer, where the inaccessible terrain often makes them difficult to put out, according to the site of Hilandar Monastery.

Since suffering a large fire in 2004 that burned half of the monastery’s buildings, Hilandar has had a firefighting team on duty all year round, consisting of monks and novices who have been fully trained.

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