Church in Donetsk damaged by shelling

Staromikhailovka, Donetsk Province, Ukraine, August 30, 2018

Another Orthodox church in Donetsk was damaged by shelling recently. The monitoring mission of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) recorded the damage to the Holy Protection Church in the village of Staromikhailovka of the Marinsky Region of the Donetsk Province.

The church territory, including an adjacent one-story house and the church itself suffered damage when it came under fire, reports the site of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“On August 26, members of the mission patrol saw in Staromikhailovka saw a fresh crater in the yard, about 20 meters west of the church at 7 Kalinina Street, and 4 meters to the south of the one-story building adjacent to the church. The special monitoring team saw fresh breaches in the external western wall of the church,” the report on the latest news from the OSCE mission reads.

Observers also noted that three windows were broken and the door was damaged on the adjacent home.
The Holy Protection Church is more than a century old. The first Liturgy in it was celebrated on October 14, 1911, its patronal feast day. The church survived the years of Bolshevik repression, the bombing of World War 2, the Khrushchev persecutions, remaining unharmed until now, despite the fact that the village of Staromikhailovka was one of the villages most affected by the ongoing armed conflict.

A terribly high number of churches and monasteries in Donetsk have been damaged in the past several years. 62 churches were already damaged as of December 2014.

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