“Bible Answer Man” Hank Hanegraaff announces his cancer is in remission

Charlotte, North Carolina, November 12, 2018

Photo: Facebook Photo: Facebook

Hank Hanegraaff, known to millions as the “Bible Answer Man,” who converted to holy Orthodoxy with his wife in 2017, made a joyous announcement on his Bible Answer Man Facebook page recently.

Hanegraaff, who was diagnosed with the rare mantle cell lymphoma on April 15, 2017, announced on Thursday that after nearly two years of battling the cancer, he is now in remission.

He says in his video:

I ought to give you a little update on my health. It’s been about 3 months since I had my last CT scan. I just had a scan this week on Monday, and the doctor’s diagnosis of the scan took place on Wednesday… About this time yesterday he was reading me the results of the CT scan as well as the results of my blood work. The bottom line is I heard a word that I did not think I would hear, at least not this soon. And that is the word “remission.” So for the first time since I started the battle with cancer 20 months ago, I am finally in remission.

He also gives a short history of his battle with cancer and how he achieved remission, as well as updates on his ministry with the Christian Research Institute, which you can see in the full video below:

Hanegraaff has served as the president and chairman of the board of the North Carolina-based Christian Research Institute (CRI) since 1989, when he also took over the previous president’s radio talk-show “The Bible Answer Man.” The show includes answering questions about matters of Christian doctrine and history and Biblical interpretation, and denominational particularities.

He and his wife were received into the Church on Palm Sunday last year at St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church in Charlotte, NC.

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