Moscow Patriarchate in the USA launches online Orthodox radio

Sparta, New Jersey, July 14, 2017

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The diocese of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA (Moscow Patriarchate) has launched a new online Orthodox radio station, according to the diocesan site.

The streaming station “Salvation” represents a new missionary outreach of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA, featuring news of the Russian Orthodox Church, lives of the saints, Church feasts, liturgical music, homilies, lectures, and live discussions, among other materials. The station, unveiled with the blessing of His Grace Bishop John of Naro-Fominsk, administrator of the Moscow Patriarchate parishes in America, is intended as a missionary, catechetical, and educational tool for the faithful of the Russian Orthodox Church living in America and elsewhere.

The station is available 24/7. Currently, the material is available in Russian only. Listen to Salvation Orthodox radio here.

The Patriarchate of the Georgian Orthodox Church recently announced the launch of its own radio station “Iveria,” available 24/7 on Android, Windows, and Apple mobile devices.

The station’s programming includes daily prayers seven times a day, the lives of the saints, readings from the New Testament, poetry, and much more. Instructions for downloading the appropriate player and streaming the radio station for various devices can be found at the patriarchate’s site.


Michael3/21/2020 4:58 am
It’s the Russian Orthodox Church, so yeah, a Russian language station. I love it! The Antiochians have Arabic language stations.
Fr Wiliam Bauer1/8/2020 11:37 pm
For us who speak English, The Russian Church Outside of Russia offers WESTERN RITE ORTHODOX podcasts at
Sabrina Messenger10/4/2018 8:14 pm
Best of success on this endeavor. Never mind the negative Neds and Nellies here. There is still a place for a station in the Russian language. I am in the process of learning Russian so I look forward to seeing how much I can pick while listening. Will this be strictly talk or will there be music as well?
Isidora7/17/2017 4:37 am
Glory to God; may He bless it! And thank you for the excellent link, Anthony.
Phillip I Joseph Hanna7/17/2017 1:26 am
May God bless and strengthen with such a great Initiative! My Russian is horrible (next to nothing) but it gives me so much joy seeing project like this. Consider atheist Russia back 30 years and now back to Orthodoxy today, it's beautiful, every and any work in Christ is good. Whether Russian or English it's brilliant, keep up the great work!
PS if you don't understand Russian, do. what I will do. and use it as a platform in learning Russia!
Susan7/16/2017 8:49 pm
Silouani: There are plenty of English speakers in the Orthodox churches in the U.S. Please see the comment by Anthony for a link to English language resources. There is also Ancient Faith Radio and Orthodox Christian Network with live streaming. Pemptousia also has audio and video posts. Why are people making such an issue out of this?
Silouani7/16/2017 6:42 pm
If there are no able english-speaking persons in the whole of the Russian parishes in the USA, then could this maybe an indication of the existence of an ethnic ghetto there?
Editor7/16/2017 2:28 pm
To those who wonder why the site is currently only in Russian: They have expressed a desire to have an English language site, but because they are all Russians, they need talented native speakers with experience in producing radio programs to help. Anyone interested in donating his/her time and/or money to make that project possible? Unlike the non-Orthodox who are sent from other countries to Russia to proselytize the Russians, the Russian-Americans probably do not have a huge amount of funding.
Monk Maximos7/15/2017 2:54 pm
Why in Russian only. If you was to catechesise in the USA do it in English. Otherwise, your intentions might be others.
Anthony7/15/2017 12:41 pm
@Sister Shakira. Greetings of the day! Rejoice my most wonderful beloved! And many, many thanks for taking the time out to express your intense frustration at the Russian Church for their decision to broadcast only in... well Russian. Personally I think this is just part of the well known wider plot by Vladimir Putin to take over Amerika but hey. Anyways, I'm not sure if you are aware sister Shakira, but there are other options for you - the link below should assist you in your endeavours and hopefully restore calm and sanity to your life:

And I say once again raise your hands up high and rejoice!
Shakira Kinesia7/14/2017 4:51 pm
Why in Russian only? Why? I don't understand Russian, therefore, this means nothing to me. I am happy for those who DO speak Russian, but, it's America. We speak English here. Gahhh....
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