GOOD DEED: Church hospital purchases dialysis machine with money donated on Pascha in lieu of flowers to Pat. Kirill

Moscow, June 22, 2018

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New equipment for blood filtration has been purchased for the Russian Orthodox Church’s St. Alexei Hospital in Moscow, with funds donated on Pascha, reports the site of the Russian Orthodox Department for Church Charity and Social Service.

According to his tradition of the past few years, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill asked the rectors of Moscow churches and monasteries to donate funds to St. Alexei Hospital instead of giving him flowers for Pascha. The patriarch began this blessed tradition in November 2016 for his birthday. He has also asked parishes to direct funds towards Syrian relief in honor of his May name’s day.

A new ambulance specially-equipped to transport patients in serious conditions was purchased for the hospital in May, with funds donated in honor of the anniversary of the patriarch’s enthronement.

The majority of the gathered Paschal funds—$29,000 (1,835,000 rubles)—went towards purchasing a MultiFiltrate dialysis machine, made in Germany. The remaining funds will soon be used to purchase an autohemotransfusion apparatus, which can be used to return a patient’s blood during surgeries.

“The MultiFiltrate device for blood purification is a very good device—one of the best in the world at present… It can be used in many cases … and in many difficult situations,” explained Boris Belotserkovsky, the head of the hospital’s ICU.

The hospital has been in need of such a device for a long time, and is already in use. The hospital can provide care for dozens of patients a year with the new apparatus.

The Central Clinical Hospital of St. Alexis the Metropolitan of Moscow is a multi-discipline medical institution that can serve up to 275 people. It is the largest medical institution of the Russian Orthodox Church. Examinations and treatment for all patients, of any religious affiliation, are free of charge.

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