“They Will Suffer a Shameful End”: How St. Laurence of Chernigov (1868-1950) Foretold the End of the Current Reign of Satan in Washington, Kiev and Istanbul

St Laurence of Chernigov. Photo: miloserdie.ru St Laurence of Chernigov. Photo: miloserdie.ru


There are those so deluded by secularism, the ways of the world, that they believe that to solve the present crisis in the Ukraine, caused by the love of power and money of Greek politicians in Istanbul, all we have to do is to come to a compromise. They present the crisis as a political disagreement between Constantinople and Moscow, or even an ethnic dispute between Greeks and Slavs, or that it was caused by Moscow’s refusal to attend the 2016 meeting in Crete (which, they forget to mention, was in fact caused by the refusal of three Non-Slav Churches to attend a dictatorial meeting).

These people, some Anglicans among them, see Church life as a continual compromise. Not really believing, because it is all an intellectual game for them, they forget that in dogmatic matters, that is, in matters of principle concerning the salvation of the soul, no compromise is possible. There can never be any compromise between Good and Evil, Truth and the Lie, White and Black, Light and Darkness, God and Satan. Today there is only one choice, the way of the Russian Church or else the Lie. All who have a conscience must decide.

St. Laurence’s Prophecies

St. Laurence of Chernigov (Feast: 11 January) said that during ‘the little freedom’ (which we now know to be the period since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and which continues to this day – Ed.), ‘churches and monasteries will open and be restored, but all manner of false teachings will appear, through demons and secret atheists (Catholics, Uniats, self-consecrated Ukrainian schismatics). These will join battle against the Russian Orthodox Church and her unity and catholicity in the Ukraine. The schismatics will be supported by an atheist government’ (Washington – Ed.).

He added that: ‘We must resist the invasion of ‘the civilized world’, that is, dark demonic forces, which will try and penetrate into spiritually undefended areas. They will seize church buildings from the Orthodox and beat up the faithful. Then the Metropolitan of Kiev (unworthy of his name) with his supporting clergy will shake the Russian Church to the foundations. The whole world will be astonished at his iniquity and stand in fear (just as we do today – Ed.). But he will go to eternal perdition like Judas. All these assaults of the evil one and false teachings will disappear in Russia and there will be One Orthodox Church of All Rus’.

St Laurence of Chernigov. Photo: wikipedia St Laurence of Chernigov. Photo: wikipedia
‘Kiev, without the great Russia and separate from it, is anyway completely unthinkable. Kiev has never had a Patriarch. Our enemies in Poland so much disliked the word ‘Rus’ that they changed the name of this area to Little Russia and then to ‘the Ukraine’ (meaning ‘the borderlands’), so that we will forget the name Rus and so forever be torn away from Orthodox Holy Rus. In those who have erred or fallen away from Orthodoxy there is no grace of the Holy Spirit, salvation or obtaining of the Kingdom of Heaven’.

‘To break away from the Church is the greatest and unforgiveable sin, for it is the sin against the Holy Spirit’. Towards the end of St. Laurence’s life the head priest of the Kiev Caves Lavra, Fr Kronid, said that self-consecrated schismatics and Uniats had disappeared. But St. Laurence answered: ‘The demon will enter them and they will attack the Orthodox Faith and Church with Satanic malice, but they will suffer a shameful end and their followers will bear a heavenly punishment from the Lord and King of Hosts’.

‘Then all heresies and schisms will vanish from Russia. The Church will not be persecuted. The Lord will have mercy on Holy Rus because it suffered the terrible period before Antichrist. A great host of Martyrs and Confessors shone forth there, beginning with the highest levels of the clergy and society, the Metropolitan and the Tsar, the priest and the monk, the child and the babe in arms and laypeople. They all beseech the Lord…’.

‘You must be quite clear that Russia is the portion of the Queen of Heaven, She cares for it and intercedes for it especially. The whole host of Russian saints with the Mother of God will ask that Russia be spared. The faith will prosper in Russia and there will be rejoicing as before (though only for a short time, as the Dread Judge will come to judge the living and the dead). Even Antichrist himself will fear the Tsar of Rus. But all the other countries will be under Antichrist’s control and suffer all the horrors and torments described in the Holy Scriptures’.

Jonas 12/1/2023 3:14 pm
How can You mix Catholics in the same sentence with demons and false teachings?? Remember all the great saints within the Catholic Church who suffered and made great sacrifices for the edifice of Christ restoration. St. Paul of the Cross, St Francis, many many other great saints. This is no good as I see it.
NorsemanNous3/29/2023 1:48 pm
I understand a lot of western converts that came from liberal Protestant or RC churches only got the touchy feel good sermons for the majority of their lives. However, if you opened up your Bible you are very well made aware of the Lord's wrath and judgment. It may be hard for you to wrap your head around it, but Christ is the Pantocrator, He is love but He is also The Judge, He is compassionate but He is just. Stop trying to insert the fake politeness and humility that dominates your culture into Orthodoxy. You can quote mine all you want and paint your little corner of what your version of Orthodoxy is, but keep it in your head. If you cannot come to terms with this, then you do not have the Orthodox phronema and maybe the internet isn't the place to impose your ideas on what Orthodoxy is.
Jim Miller8/5/2022 1:58 am
The Lord will guide you continually. The anointing which you have received of Him abides in you, and you need not that any man teach you.
James9/1/2021 10:18 am
Jack Forest: Read the prophets of the Old Testament. Prophet Elias killed all the priest of Baal, but that is because he was jealous for the Lord of Sabaoth. Call it hateful, but our Orthodox prophets simply tell it like it is. Apostasy is hateful to God.
Jack Forest8/31/2021 11:18 pm
If this makes any sense (even spiritually) to anyone, you have serious problem of discernment. "Everyone who loves born of God, who does not love is not born of God". How can this hateful language be born of God?
Alex3/21/2021 11:25 pm
"Today there is only one choice, the way of the Russian Church or else the Lie." Forgive me but this is complete nonsense. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. (John 14:6) Saint Porphyrios said that God will replace the Crew of the Ship. How ridiculous it is to say that it is either the Russian Church or the Lie. The Crew of the Ship will be replaced in all of Orthodoxy. Be it Greek, Romanian, Serb or Russian. This does not mean that only the Russians will remain or the Russian Church. There is no such thing as a "Russian Church" or a "Greek Church". There is but one Orthodox Church and the wolves in sheep's clothing will be removed from the One True Church and replaced with good Greeks, good Romanians, good Serbs, good Russians. Stop this ethnical nonsense. "What is impossible with man is possible with God." (Luke 18:27)
Ortho-Ellinas11/22/2019 6:37 pm
A quick rant on my part....is meant with love....I Agree with Michael,the Greek Orthodox church is compromised, regardless of the way/reasons of the compromises(you cannot compromise with evil and not have bad consequences) and I as a Greek and understanding recent history can see how it happened(not condoning it)....After the Greek freedom, due to a lack of STRONG,Orthodox men Greece was infiltrated by the west(grabblers?) for their own interests...constantly messing up the Balkans....remember our true enemy(in Greek he is often refereed to as the "cunning" , "sly" one) ....Orthodoxy was always the target of the dark side....true Christianity ....dark side does not care who or what you believe in as long as it is not Orthodoxy...... but remnants exist, there are Strong , loyal to Orthodoxy Bishops,priests,monks,nuns,flock within the Greeks,there always will be. The 400 year ottoman occupation has crippled the Greeks, Real Greek Men are few, only parasitical types survived en masse(thus easy corruptibility by the west) it'll take generations to come back,while the Russians only took a 80 year bolshevik occupation, that wasn't enough to wipe out the REAL MEN ,and thus Orthodoxy led by REAL men has RISEN and rising....Orthodox ethos/LOGOS is dominating and revitalizing the country(IT IS a process,not overnight folks). The Greeks only chance as a country /state is to shed the west and re-align with Russia and Orthodoxy....look to your younger /stronger brother for help and rebuilding your country the Orthodox way......we have the ingredients(bible) and recipe(church fathers/saints)....we need Good cooks(patriarchs,bishops,priests) to start.***what I said applies to all of the Balkan nations to some extent in my opinion,although the SERBS seem to be waking up/restoring to Orthodoxy the fastest*** I know it is only a movie ,but in the last part of the lord of the rings (return of the king?) there was a king that was under an evil spell and was making awful decisions , until the hero broke the spell , then he and his kingdom was restored...that actor that played that wizard-spelled king looks incredibly like Patr. Bartholomew of Constantinople...look it up....just saying...peace brothers
george manousaridis4/15/2019 11:09 am
Michael Jovanovich2/26/2019 6:01 pm
For the past 100 years, the Greek Church has been dominated by Masons. Now the Masons and other Globalists collaborate, along with Western Mentality Converts who never really converted to Orthodoxy. We have and are being INFILTRATED! Everyone is out for themselves. To think that the Greek Church in the USA would invited an Orthodox and Serb hater like Joe Biden to address them - SHAMEFUL! Sadly, the worst is yet to come in the fractured Orthodox World of today!
DDD2/7/2019 10:57 pm
Anthony, that you could possibly call quoting from St. Paisios "laughable" is horrifying. You didn't like his reference to Russians? You have something against Russians? Historically, Greeks and Russians have always been very close, both being Orthodox. St. Paisios said that 1/3 of the Turks would convert to Christianity - you think that is impossible? or you don't want that? and 1/3 would be killed, and 1/3 would flee and go back to where they came from. He also said that the Russians would get back Constantinople, and immediately turn it over to the Greeks? You don't believe this can happen? I just can't imagine how you could laugh at or be offended by St. Paisios!
Rdr Andreas Moran2/6/2019 12:12 pm
Re Anthony’s post. ‘English’ priest - is that meant in a pejorative sense? ‘A. Phillips’ – agree with him or not, a canonical priest is entitled to the correct form of address, in this case, ‘Fr Andrew’. ‘Oxbridge’ – Fr Andrew went only to Oxford, and not to Cambridge, and is the Orthodoxy of an Oxford graduate somehow attenuated by being such?
Joseph2/6/2019 10:43 am
Anthony, perhaps you only like Greek prophecies? Isn't that rather chauvinist of you?
Anna Stickles2/5/2019 10:09 pm
"Today there is only one way, the way of the Russian?? church or else the lie." Gotta agree author has some problems.

How about 'only one way, the way of +Christ's+ Church or else the lie.' Serbians aren't Russian, The Greek modern day elders and saints are not Russian, but they also following the way of Christ's church, even if there are areas where they differ from the approach to these problems from the Russian church. Rome's problem & modern day CP's problem is they think themselves self-sufficient and complete in their judgement and spirituality on their own. May the Russian church not suffer the same problem. "Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall."
Anthony2/4/2019 10:32 pm
''caused by the love of power and money of Greek politicians in Istanbul''. Perhaps you could start by actually naming the korrekt author of this articel namely the English priest A Phillips. Secondly, perhaps then he could elaborate on what he means by ''Greek'' politicians in Istanbul. Does this Oxbridge graduate not know that Istanbul is not (at present) Greek. But then again disinformation is nothing new from the author. Laughably, he once said that Ayios Paisios ''was right when he prophesied that 1/3 turks would be baptised Christians'' and then went on to claim that this would happen through the ROC, despite the fact Ayios Paisios also prophesied Russia would destroy turkey! Megalolz!
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