LGBT activist attends Ukrainian schismatics’ Bishops’ Council

Kiev, December 20, 2019

Photo: Facebook Photo: Facebook     

The well-known LGBT activist Ivan Ryabchiy attended the Bishops’ Council of the “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” together with the “hierarchs” of the schismatic structure and a large delegation from the Patriarchate of Constantinople, which was held at St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev on December 14, reports

“After this, it becomes clear why Dumenko says the OCU is an ‘open church,’” reads a comment from the “Kiev Patriarchate”-friendly Facebook page За Українську Церкву (For a Ukrainian Church).

Recall that last December, Epiphany Dumenko, the primate of the schismatic OCU stated that the church needs to reform its stance on LGBT issues, in order to not be like the Russian Church. Additionally, the KyivPride gay pride organization was among the first to offer its congratulations following the “unification council” on December 15 that united the schismatic “Kiev Patriarchate” (KP) and the schismatic “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.”

Photo: Facebook Photo: Facebook Ryabchiy, a glamorous journalist, translator of contemporary French fiction and philosophical literature, and leader of the Ukrainian LGBT movement, attended the Council as the translator for “Bishop” Mikhail (Philip) of Laroche, a former “hierarch” of the KP who in May announced his submission to the French Metropolis of the Patriarchate of Constantinople as per the conditions of the tomos granted to the OCU that forbade the new structure from having any parishes abroad (though not all communities have obeyed).

According to, the LGBT activist also styles himself as an ardent Ukrainian nationalist and was previously close to the leadership of the KP. He was awarded by “Patriarch” Philaret Denisenko in 2016 “for special merits in the revival of spirituality in Ukraine.”

In his own Facebook post, “Archbishop” Evstraty Zorya, the Deputy Head of the OCU’s Department for External Church Relations, who is often tasked with attempting to put out the OCU’s many fires, offered no response to the situation but instead remarked that the fact that the Facebook user who initially identified Ryabchiy knew who he was and the details of his biography “says much more about” him.

See a photo of Ryabchiy at a Gay Pride event here.

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John12/23/2019 7:49 am
Don't turn around - WAIT for it... because any second now Patriarch Bartholomew himself will appoint this man as the First Fabulous Hierarch of the UKRO-NAZI NATION STATE - His Eminence Big Gay Bishop Ivan with the rainbow vestments, anointing his fabulous flock with glow sticks and glitter and icons of Judy Garland. Pope Francis and Ivan will be the new Dynamic Duo, celebrating ecumencial services together with NYC rabbis and Wahhabi clerics. Bishop Boy Ivan will call his own special Ultra-Ecstatic-Electric Pan-Orthodox Council where new calendar jurisdictions worldwide can gather and pretend to be Christians in front of the TV cameras but later gather in secrecy to conduct big gay Masonic rituals, heralding in the New Order of the Chosen One, in subservience to their Talmudic overlords. No one can stop Beautiful Bishop Boy Ivan, he marches through the streets teaching the masses to be fabulous bareheaded, and no one dares to intervene, no man can kill him, he is most likely part-man and part-machine, deflecting all knife and bullet attacks with a scornful flip of the wrist. Ivan and Francis will issue a big gay decree after the council lowering the age of consent to 5 and ordering all fundamentalists, Russians, and antisemites to report to the FEMA GULAG for re-education purposes. After this there will be a rousing performance by Elton John, and effigies of Putin will be burned in the streets. This is evolution. This is the future. This is necessary. "We're doing this to make a stand against Russian aggression..."
bill cordasco12/22/2019 4:01 pm
I smell more foreign backing here, e.g., Anerican. pox on us.
Gary Cox12/20/2019 6:49 pm
You shall know them by their fruits. Matthew 7: 15-16
Mikhail12/20/2019 5:30 pm
They might as well declare him to be one of their "clergy". Everyone else from the so-called OCU are laymen. He would fit right in.
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