Archbishop Atallah Hanna: “Israel” is Responsible for Poisoning Me

Source: Quds News Network

Amman, December 23, 2019

The Head of the Sebastia Diocese of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem Archbishop Atallah Hanna said on Monday held the occupation state responsible for poisoning him last Wednesday.

The Archbishop was taken to hospital after an Israeli gas canister was fired into his church in occupied Jerusalem.

Speaking to Jordanian media while receiving treatment at the Jordan Hospital today, Archbishop Hanna held the Israeli occupation accountable for poisoning him by a chemical substance, which an institution of the Israeli occupation is the only one to have, according to Hanna.

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Mark3/24/2020 7:44 am
This is very interesting:
Epraim2/12/2020 11:29 pm
Dear John, it appears that you were very offended by my comments, but I will try to respond to each one of your talking points calmly. 1) It's your opinion that he is "one of the best bishops of the entire Eastern Orthodox Church" and as such is not necessarily shared by other Orthodox Christians from Palestine and the rest of the Middle East. You are entitled to your opinion, but I would like to ask you, where in the bible does it say that an Orthodox Bishop should be an extreme nationalist to show his love for the Christian flock? I do recall that one of the church canons explicitly teaches against ethno-phyletism! I also recall that St. Paul teaches that a Bishops job is to teach the flock of Christ, and protect them against heresy. The Palestinian Christian are leaving the Orthodox Church becoming protestant and Roman Catholic, but nothing is being done by the Jerusalem Patriarchate to teach the people about the Holy Faith. The families that remain within the Orthodox Church in Palestine tend to share the hyper nationalistic views of His Eminence and are typically also filled with hate towards the "Zionists" as you seem to be! 2) Archbishop Hanna HAS been very very silent in his criticism of ISIS and his concern for his brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq. NOT ONE WORD to defend and help the Christians being butchered in Middle Eastern countries by Muslim fanatics and jihadists. 2B) Your comments about ISIS fighters being trained by the CIA and Mossad is merely your opinion, and you have offered no proof of your claims. Over 50% of ISIS fighters are Turks and the rest are from Africa and other Arab countries including Palestinian Muslims Jihadists (of which Palestine has no shortage).Let's just pretend that you are correct about the ISIS fighters for a minute (even though you have given no proof), does this justify Archbishop Hanna's silence? Christians are being massacred and the Archbishop as well as the entire Jerusalem Patriarchate is silent! Why? Are they appeasing their Muslim brothers, or maybe they are appeasing Mossad and the CIA? Judging from Bishop Hanna's record, he would be the first to attack ISIS if they were trained by the "Zionists", but yet he is SILENT! 3) Please know that I am not defending the Israelis in their treatment of my brothers and sisters in Christ from Palestine, and I agree with you that they share a great deal of the responsibility in what has happened to Palestinian Orthodox Christians. They have stolen their lands and homes, and there is no defense for this, but it is also equally true that the Arab Muslims have not been TRUE and HONEST friends to the Christians of Palestine, and have very often used the Christians as pawns against the Israelis. They have also assaulted the Christians, performed forced marriages to Christian girls, desecrated Orthodox Churches and attacked the Christian faith, treating the Christians of Palestine as 3rd class citizens. Their hatred of the Christian faith is very plain and clear to see. You should not portray Hammas and the Muslim groups that exist there as "protectors of Christians". The Palestinian Arab Muslims are conquerors and very proud of it! The key to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher HAS TO BE in the hands of a Muslim family to this day, reminding the Christians that they are a conquered people, and not equal with the Muslims at all! By way of observation, I must say that I find it odd that you constantly place the "Muslims" before the "Christians" in your comment above, which Muslims insist on doing when the two religions are mentioned next to one-another. Why? 4) I pray for the Bishops health and long life, but is it possible that Hammas poisoned him and then blames it on Israelis so that they can further their lies? Can you prove otherwise? Lastly, listing names of Churches and monasteries does not serve to validate any of the points you made, so I will not bother to address that part of your comment. May God make Palestine Christian!
John12/29/2019 8:51 am
Ephraim: you decide to leave this critical comment of one of the best bishops of the entire Eastern Orthodox Church here, on an article about his hospitalization, after essentially being attacked by the Zionists, you decide to attack him again. 1) Archbishop Theodosios is never silent 2) The "Muslim jihadists" were CIA and Mossad trained al-Qaeda and ISIS factions, next to none of these people being Hamas or of Palestinian origin. The Christians of Palestine were a large population until the Jews invaded and set up the state of Israel. Especially after 1967, the Christian population has dwindled to an extreme minority. This is the doing of the Zionists, and not the Muslims. Archbishop Theodosios is one of the only bishops speaking out about what is actually going on there - even some of his fellow bishops in Jerusalem are being silenced by the Jews, and compelled to distance themselves from him - he is the ONLY Palestinian bishop in the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, and as such, he is much loved by his people. Palestine is his homeland. As a Christian, and as a Palestinian, he has the duty to defend both his Faith and his country. The Palestinian Muslims and Christians are generally united against a common enemy - the Jews of Israel, who every day steal more and more land, and are persecuting and killing Palestinians regardless of their religion. Your comment is bizarre and nonsensical, especially for someone who claims "middle eastern ancestry." What do you want Archbishop Theodosios to do? Stop defending his nation? Turn his back on his people? Have you ever been to Palestine? Go there and ask any Orthodox Christian about Atallah Hanna - he is a rare example of faith and action, a true Christian. Ask the nuns at St Mary Magdalene convent, ask about him at the Bethany school, ask about him at St George, at St Savva, at St Gerasimos, at Holy Apostles at Capernaum. But don't take my word for it. Learn about the good Archbishop and his sacrifice for his Church and his people. Maybe you won't change your mind even if you do. Maybe wait until you read an article about his funeral to attack and slander him again!
Ephraim12/24/2019 9:30 pm
I humbly kiss the right hand of this Archbishop, but as an Orthodox Christian of middle eastern ancestry I wonder why the archbishop was silent from 2014-today, when the Christians of Iraq and Syria were being massacred by Muslim jihadists, many of whom were from Palestine, and members of Hammas, with whom the Archbishop seems to be very close with? Question for the readers of this article and for the Archbishop: Who was in Israel/Palestine first, the Hebrew Christians or the Arab Muslims? The book of the acts of the Apostles in the HOLY BIBLE clearly answers that question. The Koran and many of the Hadiths are just as bad as the Talmud, so why is this Archbishop serving a people who are actively working to eradicate the Christians of Palestine?? Under Archbishop Atallah Hanna's "shepherding" the Christians of Palestine have shrunk to almost 1% of the population! Why? Maybe the Archbishop should start doing his job and serving Christ and His Holy Church instead of Hammas and the Muslim state of Palestine!
John12/24/2019 5:50 pm
For what reason could the Jews possibly have for firing a gas canister INTO a church? May we all pray for the health and salvation of this truly brave Orthodox bishop!
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