Romanian-Moldovan March for Life 2020: “For Life. For Parents. For Children”

Bucharest, February 27, 2020

Photo: Photo: March 2020 will be celebrated as the Month for Life 2020, “For Life. For Parents. For Children” throughout Romania and the Republic of Moldova. It will culminate on Saturday, March 28, with the March for Life 2020.

Thousands participated in the March for Life in 600 cities and towns throughout Romania and Moldova last year, while 900 localities will participate this year.

The press release for March 2020 reads:

Bucharest, the 18th of February, 2020 – March 2020 will be the Month for Life 2020 “For Life. For Parents. For Children” in over 900 cities and towns from Romania and the Republic of Moldova. It will culminate on Saturday, the 28th of March, with the March for Life 2020 “For Life. For Parents. For Children”.

For Life. For Parents. For Children

We have chosen this year’s theme for the benefit of Romanian parents and their born and unborn children – the ones inside the actual Romanian borders, the ones from the Romanian diaspora, and also the ones from Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina and other such historical Romanian regions around the country.

Life and Love unite all these parents and their children: parents protect their children’s life out of love.

And the child’s life begins at the moment of conception. A woman becomes a mother from the moment of the child’s conception. A man is a father from the moment of the child’s conception. And nothing can ever change this, no matter what happens to these parents and children.

The child has the potential to brighten her parents’ life and the life of the whole community. The child exists to bring joy and sense into the world. Ending a child’s life is a failure – a failure of love and a failure of accepting one’s responsibility as a parent.

Abortion is the measure of dysfunctionality in the couple or in the family. It is also the measure of the surrounding people’s selfishness. We know this saying is true: “It takes a village to raise a child”. It is just as true that it takes a whole community of people who are careless about their fellow humans to turn abortion into the main solution for pregnancy crisis.

Why we are helpless faced with the dissolution of our society?

For years, we have been looking at global statistics and we have found out about the trafficking of millions of Romanian teenagers and young women. In childhood, they never dreamed to do video chat, they never dreamed of becoming victims of pornography and prostitution. They have fallen victim through lie, violence or abuse. Sometimes, through all of them. And through lack of support. Through our indifference.

For instance, how many of us know that, while Romanian women make only 4% of the feminine population in the Italian province of Ragusa, they contribute with 20% to the total number of abortions registered there? Local doctors consider that this can only be explained by the systematic exploitation they are subjected to.

We find out about these women, we are surprised but we choose to ignore their drama.

We shudder to hear recurring breaking news about these women’s deaths. And yet we continue to ignore them just as we have long ignored the loss of tens of millions of lives to abortion and just as we have ignored the pregnancy crises which usually provoke these abortions.

We could not treat our neighbors better than we treat our unborn children, better than we treat human life itself in its most vulnerable and innocent state.

We cannot behave towards our neighbors better than we behave towards women in pregnancy crisis.

A woman in pregnancy crisis is confronted with lack of support, often with an abusive partner, with the difficulty to continue her studies, with lack of a place to stay, with joblessness. She is threatened with eviction from the house or risks to be fired from her job if she keeps the baby. If we do not help these women, who else will we support?!

We care for our society just as much as we care about our families. And we care about unborn children and women in pregnancy crisis just as much as we care for our families and for society.

There are different types of pregnancy crises. For instance, when the parents are informed that their unborn child has a severe illness. The principles of classical eugenics regard certain lives as unfit to be allowed to continue, which in the European Union has led to aborting 96% of children with Down syndrome. Yet, the surviving 4% are in the spotlight yearly on the 21st of March, on World Down Syndrome Day, a day which actually dissimulates what we are doing to the other 96%.

These children and their parents also need support.

There are pregnancy crises in which families are informed that their unborn children are diagnosed with other severe illnesses – some treatable after birth, other untreatable. Social pressure towards abortion is very high in their case as well. But abortion motivated by the child’s disabilities is our failure to follow the noble calling to support the life of powerless children.

These families and these children need us to stand by them.

Support is also needed for parents whose unborn child has died through miscarriage or at birth. Their drama is so little understood that they are not even allowed to take their son or daughter from the hospital for a proper burial. How many of us know that a child who died before the term of 28 weeks of pregnancy is considered biological waste?

But things can be different! For instance, in Austria, whatever the pregnancy term was when the miscarriage happened, the parents may request, always with the express agreement of the mother, that the authorities release a certificate on the child’s name so that the child can be given a proper burial.

Love defeats abortion

One of the signs used this year at the March for Life reads: “Love defeats abortion”. Abortion will not win because it is not natural. Love is natural. That is why the pro-life movement rejects any type of violence and opposes abortion with love, opposes death with life, lie with the truth, irresponsibility with responsibility, indifference with generosity, and ideology with reality.

The March for Life is the March for Love and Truth!

Come and join love, truth, responsibility, and support!

The March for Life and the activities organized during the Month for Life are the most important pro-life events in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. In the last decade, hundreds of thousands of participants have sent a clear message: society is as good as we make it and we want to build a society which supports pregnant women and their unborn children.

The pro-life people’s love and involvement have saved children’s lives and their parents’ conscience.

This social movement has given birth to dozen of pro-life groups and organizations which day by day offer information and support to women in pregnancy crisis.

By participating to the March for Life, many people have given up indifference towards the dramas they sometimes witness. Many have found the generosity and courage to tell women and families in need of support: “You are not alone. We stand by you. We shall support you”. And they did support them to overcome their pregnancy crisis.

Some have created social assistance centers – just a few though, compared to the huge need that exists. But these initiatives give us hope for the future.

We all want to live in a pro-life city or town, in a pro-life society, in a world which really supports children, women in pregnancy crisis, parents and families. That is why it is very important that you participate in the March for Life and that you invite along your colleagues, friends and acquaintances.

If you will not participate, who will? If you will not support, who will do that for women in pregnancy crisis?

Through our participation and through our efforts to support life, God reveals to us the gravity of pregnancy crisis and also the solutions to it. Only thus shall we be able to act in the benefit of the mother and the child. And this benefit shall extend to the family and then to society itself.

The life given by the parents and received by their children is the first step towards the love which unites and fulfills parents and children.


For more information on March for Life 2020 and both Romanian and Moldovan and international abortion statistics, see the March for Life website.

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