Sanhedrin preparing in hopes of sacrificing Passover lamb on Temple Mount for first time in 2,000 years

Jerusalem, April 3, 2020

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Thanks to the coronavirus and President Donald Trump, Jewish authorities are hopeful that they will be able to sacrifice a Passover lamb on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem this year.

If the state allows, it would mark the first time the ceremony has been performed on the Temple Mount in 2,000 years.

Interestingly, the Jewish Sanhedrin has hopes of performing the sacrifice, in line with Biblical requirements, because Israeli Health Ministry restrictions relating to the coronavirus led to the Passover offering reenactment being canceled for the first time in 9 years, reports Breaking Israel News.

The Sanhedrin has formally requested the Israeli and U.S. authorities to allow their sacrifice to take place on the Mount.

Rabbi Hillel Weiss explained that the reenactments originally served to educate and raise awareness for the ritual, and to allow the people to experience the practical details of the ritual.

“Both of these goals have been achieved to as great a degree as possible at this time,” Rabbi Weiss said. “For this reason, our goal is now to prepare for the reinstatement of the Temple service.”

Most of the elements are ready for the sacrifice, including the necessary vessels, vestments, wine and oil prepared to the strictest requirements, and a red heifer is being raised and a lamb has already been acquired and stands ready. At this point, the only thing preventing the rite is the Israeli government, Rabbi Weiss commented.

The sacrifice also requires an altar, built to Biblically-mandated measurements and design, which was already constructed last year.

However, in the wake of the coronavirus, Rabbi Baruch Kahane, who is participates in most of the reenactments and is active in training prospective priests, has requested that stones be gathered for a new altar adhering to more stringent requirements for a permanent altar.

The Sanhedrin also emphasized that the plan to bring the altar to the Temple Mount is consistent with President Trump’s recently revealed Deal of the Century, which recognized Israel’s full sovereignty over the holy site.

“People of every faith should be permitted to pray on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif, in a manner that is fully respectful to their religion, taking into account the times of each religion’s prayers and holidays, as well as other religious factors” the text of the deal reads.

Accordingly, the Sanhedrin sent a request to President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu to be permitted to offer a sacrifice for the sake of the world and for the purpose of ending the pandemic.

“Mr. President, you and Mr. Netanyhu can immediately install the right values and laws for the entire human race and all of creation in this world by letting Israel obey the laws of the Torah of Israel which requires us to sacrifice the Passover lamb,” the request reads.

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Michael Williamson4/19/2020 8:37 am
Cannot see the digits until you type the comment. So LOOK UP THE EVENTS of 363 Julius the Apostate, no one sees this Corona Virus as a warning to interfere with this attempt to set asside the LAMB of Yah being YeshuAH , there were earthquakes storms a tempests, signs of the cross, and fire ran them off after they dug up the foundation stones to rebuild a temple with the INTENT of destruction of Christianity with Julius hated and wanted the Roman's to go back to pagan ways.
S. Diane Setzler4/18/2020 10:44 pm
The prophesy cannot be fulfilled & Jesus cannot return & bring all things under submission & be declared & crowned our King until the sacrifices resume on the Temple Mount. God hasten the time when Jesus returns & heals this sick, sick Earth! Amen!
frank pesce4/15/2020 5:00 pm
The sacrifice was allowed to take place however not on the Temple Mount. This is the first time in modern history that the sacrifice has taken place inside of the “old city”. The sacrifice inside of the temple as Biblically prophesied, is seemingly coming quickly.
Janine Tate4/13/2020 4:27 pm
Dont see digits ?
Shauntel4/11/2020 11:38 am
Romans 5 :11 One sacfrice once and for all, His Name is Christ Jesus. The sacfrice from our Jewsish brethren would upset our Father in Heaven. Christ died, the Messiah is alive, His blood has been shed for all.
Maria4/11/2020 5:45 am
This is the Eve St. Lazarus Saturday. So, did the Jews make their sacrifice? Actually, they are NOT Jews. Their religion is obsolete. God disowned them.
MUTAI JOSPHAT4/10/2020 2:30 pm
hello brethrens,iam a kenyan,iam quite impressed with your discussion i would like to know you more,and your faith
Nathan4/10/2020 6:31 am
I see these comments condemning the Jews for desiring to fulfill the requirements of Jewish Law given by G-d Himself because Jesus became our Passover lamb. Does no one understand most Jews don’t recognize Jesus as the promised Messiah, and refuse to see Him because their ears have been deafened and their eyes have been blinded for now? The whole world already hates them, but our same Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor as G-d commanded them to love their neighbor in the Law of Moses. He will one day save them all at once as well, but only after we have been fully numbered. Romans 9-11 can be helpful to understand their reality.
ann-marie Evans4/9/2020 8:52 am
My God of Love & Compassion would Never condone the suffering & slaughter of His creatures
Robert Joos4/9/2020 8:11 am
This may well be the beginning of Great Tribulation. Here is the "Peace Deal" that may fulfill Daniel's prophecy.
Shanthiraju Palle4/9/2020 5:49 am
Already Jehwo God finished Passover. "Cleanse out the old leaven that you may be a new lump, as you really are unleavened. For Christ, our Passover Lamb, has been Sacrificed" (1Corinthians 5:7).
Sherry Johnson4/8/2020 11:28 pm
" Smthfaye 4/8/2020 6:39 pm This would be an abomination! Jesus was our sacrificial lamb and has already died and now lives for us. Was this not enough? " Yes! It was! It's okay, just breathe! Eschatology tells us this will happen. Study the books of Daniel and Revelation! You will see what I mean
Art Denney4/8/2020 9:08 pm
Just curious, do the people of the Eastern Orthodox faith not read Daniel and Ezekiel along with the Revelation? This has nothing to do with replacing Jesus as our Savior. It has everything to do with prophesy starting to be fulfilled. Shalom
Smthfaye4/8/2020 6:39 pm
This would be an abomination! Jesus was our sacrificial lamb and has already died and now lives for us. Was this not enough?
jdx4/8/2020 6:10 pm
Particularly like the comment "... HIS WORDS say a wrongdoing, undesired by HIM in this manner, and an abomination. All EXACTLY as YHVH says, not part, not mixed with what HE says/wrote (not what men say/have written by their own hand or mind.)" Good point. And yet the world goes merrily on celebarting easter ( feast of astarte) when there is no mention of it in the bible as originally written for those who make reference to one mistranslated verse. There is no mention of xmas or halloween or new year or valentines day. Thanksgiving is a national holiday not represented as religious like the others I mention. they are definitely "religious" but "religious" doesn't exactly mean God approved. God gave us a list of the holy days He wants us to observe. Why don't we do that and stop with all the others that originated in worship of false Gods? Don't say God's holy days were done away with. God said to observe them forever and long after the sacrifice of Jesus the apostles were keeping those holy days and teaching the church to do so. Jesus instructed His apostles to keep Passover and told them how to do it after His death and resurrection. Jesus paid the penalty for our breaking of God's laws but those laws still remain. Can we ever keep them fully? NO! But that doesn't mean we are not supposed to try. And when we fail we don't have to find a lamb or a heifer to sacrifice, we repent and seek God's forgiveness through the sacrifice of Jesus. The world needs to repent of disobedience to God. Disobedience is the breaking of God's laws. We show God we love Him by keeping His commandments. But we just all want to do what we want to do and sugarcoat it that it is okay to do what ever we want to now. ".....each doing what is right in their own eye."
Kedrick4/8/2020 4:17 pm
This is the fulfilment of Daniel 9:27. The temple must be constructed which the man of sin will enter proclaming to be God. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12.
Robert Warner4/8/2020 3:27 pm
Soloman's temple was 600 feet to the south of the Dome on The Rock. Just saying.
Kashif Adeel4/8/2020 7:54 am
Jesus is the lamb of God who has already taken away the sins of the world. John 1:29. I am already saved and redeemed through the blood of Christ.
Kashif Adeel4/8/2020 7:49 am
Jesus Christ has already paid ransom for whole world through crucifixion. No sacrifice is needed needed any more. We just need to believe in Jesus Christ for our redemption.
Aliyah 4/8/2020 7:17 am
But they don’t have a temple that meets YHVH’s specifications, statutes, edicts, ordinances nor commands. So a sacrifice such as this made, especially at Pesach is as HIS WORDS say a wrongdoing, undesired by HIM in this manner, and an abomination. All EXACTLY as YHVH says, not part, not mixed with what HE says/wrote (not what men say/have written by their own hand or mind.)
Julie Shelton 4/8/2020 3:01 am
Jesus is the lamb of god only gods son the perfect lamb of god could and threw his blood can my sins be forgiven Jesus is the messiah that was crucified for the sins of the world John 3-16 for god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him will not perish but have enternal life
sherry tripp4/7/2020 7:55 pm
Our saviour their Messiah. He has already come and will return for His bride.You can't untear the curtain
April DeMure 4/7/2020 7:46 pm
Blessed be the coming of the Lord.
John wabwire4/7/2020 1:38 pm
1samuel15:22_23 But Samuel replied:"does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as obeying the voice of the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice and to heed is better than the fats of Rams. For rebellion is like the sin of-----". Get saved and accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour and denounce sin. God bless you.
Brandon Thorp4/7/2020 1:08 pm
Fr. Seraphim Rose predicted that the rebuilding of the Temple would be a precursor to the Antichrist. This might be an early warning for what's to come.
EPOYUN DOYIN PEAK4/6/2020 10:35 pm
God has no altar likewise he has no holy place. Jesus Christ is the ever lasting lamb of sacrifice. No any blood letting again
K D4/6/2020 8:54 pm
Jesus is our SAVIOR bye He is their Messiah... don’t confuse the two things. We as Christians do not offer blood sacrifices they are under different biblical instructions.
Marinos4/5/2020 9:08 pm
When is the date of the actual sacrifice of the paschal lamb?
J.B.4/5/2020 1:12 pm
As Orthodox Christians, we must recall that our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, as the Incarnate and Eternal Logos of God the Father, has forever ended and abolished the animal sacrifices of the Old Covenant through His death and Resurrection. He Himself is both the only true Sacrifice and our High Priest of the New and Everlasting Covenant, after which there will be no new covenant, even in the Parousia. We Orthodox can have NOTHING to do with these empty and graceless rituals as they are now obsolete and meaningless compared to the awesome gift of the Divine Liturgy we have inherited in Orthodoxy as adopted sons of God through the same Christ Jesus. Even to participate in the so-called Cedar Meals of today's Judaism is to be shunned. Lastly, to participate in such unnecessary rites of animal sacrifice via the Aaronite priesthood according of the Old Testament, even if the Old Temple of Jerusalem should end up being rebuilt, risks committing grave sin against our Supreme Head of the Church and the Holy Spirit (see Hebrews 10:1-39). Be warned!
Aleksandra 4/5/2020 8:05 am
"..and a red heifer is being raised and a lamb has already been acquired and stands ready." wow. It is later than we think. "Who hath ears to hear, let him hear."
Devin Rice4/4/2020 10:09 am
This is a very ominous sign.
Giovanni4/3/2020 6:01 pm
Never criticised you before, but this article is of questionable interest for the Eastern Orthodox.
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