Erdogan to Greece: We don’t need your permission to turn Agia Sophia into a mosque

Istanbul, June 9, 2020

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Agia Sophia belongs to Turkey, and it can do with it as it pleases without Greece’s permission, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan emphasized yesterday in the latest ongoing spat between Turkey and Greece over the fate of the iconic cathedral-turned-mosque-turned-museum.

“Now they’re talking about Agia Sophia,” Erdogan said in response to Greece’s reaction to his own statements about reconverting Agia Sophia into a mosque. “They say, ‘You won’t turn it into a mosque.’ Are you from the Turkish administration?” he asked, reports Romfea.

Turkey does not need to ask permission from Greece to change the status of the world-famous building, the Turkish president emphasized.

“We don’t need to get permission from you. We are waiting for the decision from the State Council and will act in accordance with it,” he said.

The State Council will review the possibility of changing the status of Agia Sophia from a museum to a mosque, thus canceling the presidential decree of 1934 that turned it into a museum in the first place, on July 2.

The Turkish Constitutional Court rejected a similar request from an NGO in September 2018, though a Turkish court turned the historic Chora Monastery from a museum into a mosque last year, thus paving the way for the conversion of Agia Sophia, many believe.

On Sunday, Devlet Bahçeli, the head of the Nationalist Movement Party spoke strongly in favor of turning Agia Sophia into a mosque once again.

“Agia Sophia is a mosque, a symbol of the Turkish Muslim people’s conquest. This is an unchanging truth that everyone must recognize. If Allah allows, then not bells, but the azan [Muslim call to prayer—O.C.] will sound forth from Agia Sophia,” the politician said confidently.

Agia Sophia, originally built as a great Orthodox cathedral in the 6th century by St. Justinian the Great when Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire, remains a point of tension between Turkey and Greece.

It was converted into a mosque when the Ottomans defeated the Byzantine Empire in 1453. In 1931, the building was secularized, and in 1935 it opened as a museum. It has been included as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1985.

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A Greek of Constantinople.6/10/2020 9:02 am
Turkey is a dictatorship disguised as a democracy, with a radical Islamist genocidal past. The average Turk is either an uneducated radical Islamist or an uneducated radical Kemalist. If you think I am exaggerating go and visit Turkey to see for yourself. Each hates the other with a passion, and both want to expand against their neighbors. The Islamist Turk dreams of reviving the Ottoman Empire through Jihad, while the Kemalist Turk dreams of recreating their pre-WWI boarders through genocide and ethnic cleansing. To this end Turkey switches between America and Russia, playing one side against the other, while she has long added dispute claim upon dispute claim in Lybia, Syria, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Malta, Cyprus, Armenia, and Greece. They even disputed Israel's maritime boarders and the West Bank, going to so far to claim that Israel is an illegal state and they will use their "Ottoman records" so that Palestinians can drag the Jews to the international courts for property and land disputes. The same Turks, whose properties consist of stolen Armenian, Greek and Assyrian land possessions. All this while trying to undermine Egypt from the inside as well as working against Saudi Arabia. Through their terrorist proxies, agitators and Muslim Brotherhood-MIT spy networks they have sowed animosity from Europe to the Middle East, even reaching as far as Xinjiang China and Thailand. They even got between the India-Pakistan dispute in Kashmir to back their "Pakistani brothers" and even brought Pakistani planes to violate Cypriot airspace. These days they claim anything from Greek islands to control of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to dreams of creating a "pan-turanic" union. The Turks have created so many enemies that their days are limited. They will fall into the pit they have been digging for others. Turkey has become a sponsor of terrorism and is an international pariah with no respect for international law. But what pleases me the most, is that Greek public opinion has changed from peaceful appeasement to open threats of war and hostilities. The times are near where the prophecies will be fulfilled. As a matter of fact we are half way towards their complete fulfillment with many having been already fulfilled. Turkey will convert the Hagia Sophia back into a "mosque", it is the only card they can successfully play in a lost geopolitical game. But in doing so Turkey will be fulfilling the prophecies for her doom. You know what I speak of, as you know the events that are to follow.
Alexander Leitner6/9/2020 8:02 pm
The russians will take it back! This is according to orthodox prophecy. Turkey will disappear.
JMB6/9/2020 5:40 pm
As much as I dislike the Turks clearly attempting to reopen Agia Sophia as an active mosque, it really should not pain us too much. Also, this is Turkey's way of thumbing its nose up at the Greeks in particular and at Christianity in general. Turkey has always sought ways to agitate the Greek Nation, especially after Greece won its independence from the Ottoman Empire, which itself now longer exists, thanks to God's Divine Providence. Let's keep in mind that the Agia Sophia temple itself does not represent the absolute Truth of Holy Orthodoxy nor does its reopening as a mosque actually signify that the unconquerable Truth that is our Resurrected Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ has somehow been undone. It has not, and if it does signify this, such an undoing only exists within the willfully blind and prideful imagination of certain Muslims adhering to phony Islam itself. Orthodoxy does NOT depend upon any particular Orthodox temple, even though every Orthodox temple is a living Icon of the theantrhopic organism, the Divine Body of the God-man, Jesus Christ. Let's not forget that the Holy Elder Paisios of Mount Athos may have prophesied the return of the Agia Sophia into Greek hands at the aide of Orthodox Russia, the only and last nation on earth at this present time that is a confessional Orthodox State. Is it any wonder that the Global Elitists hate Russian so badly? All things will take their place in God's good timing. In the meantime, let us deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow life-giving Way the God-man, the central Truth of our Holy Orthodox Faith. If He should will to return the Agia Sophia to an Orthodox people, it will happen at His behest, and at no one else's.
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