BLM Bible burning condemned by Representative of the Russian Church—Also a Victim of Marxism

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As the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protestors continue to riot across the United States, reports emerged of Bible burnings in Portland. Some sources say that as many as 100 Bibles were burned, the reason given that Jesus is portrayed in Western society as white.

The Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Synodal Department for Church Relations with Society and the Media, Vladimir Legoida, has condemned the Bible burnings, which have reportedly been committed by BLM rioters.

Mr. Legoida was quoted by the Union of Orthodox Journalists as saying:

“Insulting the religious feelings of the majority of the country's population (about 70% are Christians), allegedly in the name of fighting racism, looks very unconvincing and, first of all, discredits the movement itself.” He added that, in the context of actual peaceful protests, there can always be found “grounds for dialog,” but that “when the main mode of action of the protesters becomes violence, robbery, and the destruction of cultural and religious symbols they dislike, then they lose any moral right to speak out against injustice,” the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church concluded.

It is worth noting that Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a video that she and her co-founder are “trained Marxists.” She was quoted as saying:

“The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers…We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk.”

This is an issue where the Russian Orthodox Church has great wisdom from the painful experiences of the twentieth century. Russians were among the first victims of Marxist-Leninist-Communist oppression which resulted in the deaths of tens of millions, and if we include other nations which have adopted this destructive ideology, as in Asia, then around one hundred million people have perished under totalitarian regimes inspired by the same basic ideology of Marxism.

The experience of Orthodox peoples, both in the homeland and in the diaspora, is that revolutionary ideology was always designed to sew chaos and strife for the purpose of taking power, after which all utopian ideas are quickly abandoned.

This was perfectly explained by His Holiness, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus’, during his homily at the liturgy on the centenary of the execution of the Russian Royal Martyrs. His Holiness said:

“Indeed, the idea of changing the life of the people for the better arises whenever there is a plan to abruptly change the course of history. We know that the worst and bloodiest revolutions have always occurred in view of people’s aspirations for a better life. The leaders of these revolutions instilled in the people that there is no other way to make life better—only by blood, only through death, only through the destruction of the existing way of life. And at some point, having abandoned their spiritual birthright, having lost their true connection with the Church and God, the intelligentsia, aristocracy, and even, as I have already said, part of the clergy were darkened in mind and infected with the thought of the need to drastically change the course of our national history and to try to build as quickly as possible a world where justice reigns, where there is no bygone separation according to material indicators, where people live peacefully and happily. As a result, many of those captured by this idea reach the point of committing crimes.

A question arises: “Is it possible through crime, through blood, through violence, and through the destruction of holy sites to build a happy life?” History clearly testifies: It is impossible!”

These are the words of not simply an academic theologian, but a Christian shepherd who has lived through the godless regime built by the ideology of Marxism, which the BLM Co-founders claim has trained them.

It is therefore not surprising some BLM supporters have engaged in Bible burnings, as the message of the Bible is contrary in practice to their own.

Revolutionary ideology purposes that only violence and force can achieve a better future for oppressed people, whereas Christianity teaches only the Love of Christ conquers hate, liberates the oppressed, and puts an end to all violence through the power of the invincible Cross—a weapon of peace—which is a stumbling block to the godless.

The ideology of the BLM has much in common with the pharisees who wanted a Christ who would wage war against Roman slavery, and not the Christ who loved His enemies and prayed for them on the Cross.

Instead of those promoting violence, hatred, and ideological division in societies, akin to Marxist “class warfare”, the BLM movement should consider the example of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who constantly stressed nonviolence as the key to achieving positive social change. Dr. King was of course, famously a Christian minister, who certainly would not approve of bible burnings. It was precisely that idea of nonviolence, which he championed, that won the day for the civil rights movement, whereas the violent rioters who claim to be anti-fascists are employing the tools of totalitarian regimes that killed millions.

Matfey Shaheen


AncientPreference8/18/2020 4:02 pm
Ye shall know them by their fruit. Even if the founders of blm werent openly gay, openly pro trannies, admitting they are trained marxists and against the traditional family, anyone with eyes to see would know as much by watching what they do and examining their fruit. Everywhere they go they destroy public property, use firebombs on public and private property, commit theft, vandalize, commit assault, attempt murder and generally behave beligerently. They have sawn off the heads of statues of Christ and His mother. There are several videos of them surrounding a single person by 4, 12 or what appears to be 30 or 40 people and savagely beating them without mercy and continuing to do things such as kick unconscious people in the face. Just last week when they were rioting and looting in Chicago, they attacked and tried to break their way into a Ronald McDonald House with 30 fearful families inside. These are families with a child awaiting major surgery and typically dont have money for a hotel. THIS is Black Lives Matter and Antifa, like it or not. Perhaps those commenters here who want to lecture others on what Christianity supposedly is should be slower to jump on board secular trends, slower to give their opinions, and quicker to search for what is the truth about a person or group.
Theodoros 8/17/2020 4:05 pm
To Chrysostomos, If the individuals burning the Bible were members of BLM or Antifa this would represent their ideology and political program. Neither BLM nor Antifa have publicly denied burning Bibles. Nor have they condemned the burning of Bibles. BLM and Antifa fully embrace the LGBTQ agenda which is without question anti Christian. This movement is not about anti racism. Racism is an evil Christians should condemn. This movement is a violent anti Christian movement seeking to impose its totalitarian ideology on America.
Chrysostomos8/15/2020 10:29 pm
Not to burst anyone's bubble in having yet another reaction that justifies a pseudo-religious (but really, racially motivated, political) position, but the story this is based upon is fake news. As the picture (which doesn't really show anything related to the story, really--neither protestors, nor Bibles) whatever Bibles were burnt were by 1 or 2 individuals and had nothing to do with anything official. You can see that in local news coverage here: Furthermore, while any Christian should disdain Marxism, let's not forget that the vast majority of Russian Orthodox living today had parents, grandparents or were, themselves, Marxists. In fact, one of the commenters mentions Abbot Tryphon in Washington State criticizing this pseudo-event on a blog, but in another article on this website, the Abbot admits that he was a Marxist in his youth. My point: we cannot condemn a person because he or she had some past statement or position and assume it applies to some event reported in the news. We have no right to judge. Moreover, without the full facts, we should not be so stupid as to get inflamed because some journalists contort the data and create a narrative--at least, not when we call ourselves Orthodox Christians.
Maria8/12/2020 12:09 am
I believe Bank of America gave a huge donation to BLM, as did many other large corporations.
anonymous8/11/2020 5:18 am
Gerasimos - "Just because a couple of dozen fools burned Holy Scripture does not make the entire Black Lives Matter an evil phenomenon".....correct. However, what does make the entire BLM an evil phenomenon is the founders, the board of directors, the funding, the lies, the deceit, the cover-ups, etc. The entire movement is demonic. "our respone should be, quiet non-reactive, peaceful and prayer-full"...sure, let them do whatever they want. No consequences. This is one of the reasons the United States is in such a mess. Passive Christians watching the country being destroyed. Anthony - "Remember that these kids are lost" Are you kidding? Paid protestors? Rioters? Criminals destroying public property. These aren't kids. They are calculated thinking adults. Please. "there is actually some common ground between their beliefs and Orthodox Christianity".....No, there is no common ground, period. Orthodox Christianity is absolute truth. Wake up. Liberalism is a disease killing this country.
Patrick8/10/2020 12:00 am
According to thinking in the discipline and science of psychiatry, psychopaths are born. Research seems to suggest psychopathy is accompanied by differences in the autonomic nervous system -- in short, psychopaths are "wired" differently. Sociopaths, however, are made: environmental influences, negative reinforcement, effects of trauma, normalization of immorality, etc. How many genocidal murderers / monsters were one or the other? Nechayev? Lenin? Stalin? Mao? Trotsky? De Sade? Crowley? Hitler? Whatever the psychopathology of BLM / Antifa insurgents may be, if left to metastasize, this will end in the gulag. Elder Ignaty of Harbin said, "What began in Russia will end in America." Whether they are acting out unresolved psychological complexes or victims in some way of their own backgrounds, they intend on ending society and the Church. They do not need understanding any more than Lenin or Stalin needed therapy.
Gerasimos Kambides8/9/2020 10:13 pm
Hold your horses. Just because a couple of dozen fools b urned Holy Scripture does not make the entire Black Lives Matter an evil phenomenon. Surely it is a worldly phenomena and at its very core is the issue of murder by police. I do not have the right to say Floyd was a bad man. George Floyd was a child of God and he was beaten in this world by the devil, and was murdered, just as Cain slew Abel. From that evil of murder came other.murders deaths, corruptions,hatred of God, Hatred of Man. If we are Orthodox Christian's then our respone should be, quiet non-reactive, peaceful and prayer-full. Poor America, Poor World, Poor Lebanon and Poor us if we do not understand what our Faith is truly about. Gerasimos
Anthony WIlder8/9/2020 5:58 pm
Remember that these kids are lost and need the light of Christ. Anarchist movements are rooted in the spiritual void of nihilism. Some of these kids have been abused or neglected others have been overcome by their passions and cannot see a way out other than destruction. Speaking as a former anarchist there is actually some common ground between their beliefs and Orthodox Christianity they can see the full Dysfunction and incompetence of secularism and liberalism and have rejected the world. These Violent acts are in some way a cry for help. They want there to be some greater meaning in the world they just cant see it.
Yakov8/9/2020 11:21 am
Here in the USA, things are very polarized. So reading this article makes me wonder where are the neo-Nazi fascists and what are they up to. It was very common in the 1980s to see and hear neo-Nazi skinheads boldly walking in the streets. One of their leaders, David Duke, moved his diatribe of hatred into politics. Perhaps with more prayer and persistence, Americans can move away from both communist and fascist movements and start searching in their hearts for the truth. If not, then the deaf only yell louder and the blind lead the blind and they all fall into a pit.
anonymous8/8/2020 8:33 pm
Just clarifying - "I would urge everyone reading this article to send the link to any corporations, companies, or organizations in support of BLM." Meaning - any corporations, companies, or organizations that are currently supporting BLM. sorry for any misunderstanding.
Anonymous8/8/2020 4:55 pm
I would urge everyone reading this article to send the link to any corporations, companies, or organizations in support of BLM. I think the majority of our population is blind to what is really going on.
Fr Dan Ressetar8/7/2020 7:08 pm
But Jesus Christ was brown, not white, as many of the Orthodox icons are depicted. I remember reading once quite a long time ago that the Rev. Billy Graham, of blessed memory, mentioned that Jesus was brown What we are witnessing today - all this violence, riots, civil disobedience, lawlessness - is similar to what happened in Russia over a century ago and also started by Marxists. And look what the result was! Honestly, does all that have to be repeated?
Patrick8/7/2020 6:15 pm
Two of the founders of BLM openly avow their adherence to Ifa, a West African spirituality that plays a role in voodoo and Santeria. They have said that BLM is as much a spiritual movement as it is a political one. In various antifa / BLM riot-protest videos, one occasionally glimpses people with pentagrams on shirts and various satanic or occultist tattoos. They are invoking a dark spirituality and believe it manifests through them. Like the bolsheviks of old, there is a hard-core occult strand here. As others have noted, the hammer and sickle -- "molot-serp" is really just a backwards-spoken satanic rejection of the word, "prestolom" -- a Russian word with connotations to the altar and the king's throne. So, hidden in plain sight is a satanic inversion of God's order: every time someone says hammer and sickle they're unconsciously invoking an inversion of the altar and the throne. This is how ritual makes its way into public space without people even realizing it. Burning Bibles is really a ritual parading as politics. Notice all those hammer and sickles among the "protesters?"
David8/7/2020 5:59 pm
No surprises here. Fr Tryphon’s “Morning Offering” blog included excepts from these militant atheists’ platform within the last two weeks. The political, entertainment-industry, and corporate support for the Revolution is insane. Russians need to be lecturing countries where these thugs operate in clear, loud voices.
Theodoros 8/7/2020 4:19 pm
Groups like Antifa and Black lives matter make up the base of the democratic party in America. Religious freedom and freedom of conscience will not matter in the event that the democrats win the elections. Western society is becoming increasingly paganized. Abortion/infanticide, gay marriage, trans ideology and the imposition of trans ideology on children. The acceptance of these evils paved the way for the burning of Bibles. How long until they come to close or demolish Churches? As an Orthodox I am voting one against the democrats at all levels. They are becoming the new bolsheviks.
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