Yelena Popovic, director of the film about St. Nektarios: An Orthodox Christian can offer a lot to the world

Source: Basilica News Agency

November 10, 2020

Yelena Popovic, writer and director of “Man of God”, the film about St. Nektarios’s life, offered Basilica News Agency an exclusive interview in which she speaks of the value of Orthodoxy and of God’s presence in her life and in the life of the film’s collaborators.


The movie was made in cooperation with the Vatopaidi Monastery of the Holy Mount Athos and it will soon be in cinemas, as a homage paid to the saint one hundred years after his passage to eternal life. What should we learn from the movie? What have you learned from making it?

Yelena Popovic: I hope that this film inspires people and gives them the courage to go through difficult moments in life. Individually everyone can learn something from the lives of Saints.

Making this film was a great inspiration and great difficulty. Difficulty and obstacles were overcome by firm faith that if God is Willing, things always work out at the end.

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