Online conference on spiritual life in Kosovo to be held December 13, entirely in English, open to all

Kosovo and Metohija, November 25, 2020

On Sunday, December 13, Bay Area Serbs will present a Zoom conference on the spiritual life in Kosovo and Metohija will be held at 1 PM Pacific Standard Time/10 PM Central European time, featuring four speakers of varying perspectives.

The conference “will be a unique chance for us to learn more about how to live dedicated to Christ, and to hear living words of experience from people living that life every day. We will learn about Serbian history and what the future of Kosovo and Metohija means for all of us.”

“Most importantly, we will all learn about what it means to live and embody the spiritual traditions of Kosovo and Metohija, to feel that ‘Kosovo is in our soul,’ no matter where we live,” state the Bay Area Serbs.

Speakers include:

  • Fr. Ilarion (Lupulović), the abbot of Draganac Monastery in eastern Kosovo and a monk of Dečani Monastery since 1996

  • Fr. Nenad Ilić, a prolific writer on contemporary issues in the Balkans who currently serves as a Serbian Orthodox priest in Amsterdam

  • Ivana Dimić, an award-winning author and playwright who has been a regular pilgrim to Dečani Monastery since 1992

  • Dr. Miloš Ković, a respected history professor at the University of Belgrade.

Each speaker will present for about 30 minutes, after which there will be an hour of questions and answers.

The Symposium will be moderated by Monk Sophrony, an American monk who is a member of Visoki Dečani Monastery. OrthoChristian interviewed Fr. Sophrony on the spiritual life in Kosovo in 2018.

The entirety of the conference will be held in English and all are invited to attend and learn more about the joys and struggles of life in this ancient and holy land.

The event is also being held to raise funds for Draganac Monastery, a fledgling monastic community in Kosovo in need of our help.

To receive the Zoom link for the conference, please send an email to:

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Editor12/9/2020 2:36 pm
Snezana: As it says in the article, anyone who wishes to paticipate should write to, to receive a link to the conference.
Snezana Tomovic 12/9/2020 2:29 am
I would like to be invited to the zoom meting on the 13/12 ,thank you.
Slobodan 12/3/2020 2:50 am
How and what prohram can we use to watch you on 13th of December
Editor11/26/2020 1:39 pm
Yes, as the title of the article says, it will be entirely in English.
Serafim Fennick11/26/2020 5:07 am
Will the zoom meeting on 12/13 be in English to any extent? Happy Thanksgiving to The Lord! SF
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