Legalized marijuana for medical purposes would be acceptable, says schismatic Epiphany Dumenko

Kiev, December 21, 2020

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Epiphany Dumenko, the head of the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” is not against the legalization of marijuana if it is used for medical purposes.

In a recent interview with Radio Liberty, Dumenko explained that he had already discussed the issue of the legalization of marijuana with President Zelensky and Prime Minister Shmyhal. As he recalled, they discussed that if cannabis use is allowed, it should be for good purposes.

“Meeting with the Prime Minister and the President of Ukraine, we say if it will be allowed, it shouldn’t lead to harmful consequences under the guise of medical permission… That it wouldn’t lead to drug addiction flourishing in Ukraine in the future,” Epiphany said.

Epiphany also addressed the issue in January of this year, saying the OCU had not really looked into the issue yet, but that it would decide whether or not to support the legalization of medical marijuana after the state’s policy is developed.

But in general, the OCU “supports things that are useful for human health,” he said at that time.

Following the results of a recent Presidential poll, in which a majority of Ukrainians voted for the legalization of medical marijuana, the Ukrainian Parliament formed a working group to work on formulating a bill on the matter.

Conversely, the Georgian Orthodox Church sharply protested the government’s plans to legalize marijuana and a bill on cultivating marijuana for medical and cosmetic purposes. “Permission to produce cannabis really means the legalization of drug trafficking, which will bring severe consequences to the country,” the Synod stated.

However, the Constitutional Court did not listen to the Church, and in July 2018, Georgia became the first post-Soviet state to legalize marijuana use, though the Georgian Parliament did agree to withdraw the bill on cultivating marijuana.

His Holiness Patriarch Ilia addressed the issue in several homilies at that time.

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Subdn Seraphim Hanisch6/30/2023 6:13 pm
It is anti-Christian to use mind- or mood-altering drugs. Period. Cannabis is worst of all, as (1) it is very strong, (2) it is a hallucinogen on its own these days, (3) much less with what people add to it, like PCP and LSD and any number of other things... (4) Christianity is about approaching God with reason. Someone who is high on drugs is incapable of reason, and is no longer a "Reasonable sheep" as the stitchera talk about. (5) The demons love for us to be in delusional states; they work their mischief in such circumstances very effectively. I suspect Dumenko is self-prescribing. This is absolutely one of the most wrong things anybody in an Orthodox Church could ever support. That for me is resounding proof that Dumenko has no interest in Christianity whatsoever. Just glory for/to Ukraine, whatever that means.
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