New gender ideologies are a demonic attack against union with God—Bulgarian Church

Sofia, June 17, 2021

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New ideologies about gender are a demonic attack aimed at separating man from God, according to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

The Bulgarian Holy Synod recently expressed its view on how the concept of “gender” should be understood in the national constitution in response to a specific invitation for an opinion from the Constitutional Court.

The Synod’s response, signed by His Holiness Patriarch Neofit on behalf of the Holy Synod, is published on the Bulgarian Patriarchate’s official website.

The Synod begins by noting that it has already had occasion to express an official public position on the concepts of “gender” and “gender identity” in connection with the famous Istanbul Convention, which was already subject to constitutional review in Bulgaria and declared unconstitutional in 2018. Despite the case currently under review by the Court, the Court already ruled that gender can only be defined biologically, the Synodal statement emphasizes.

This ruling “was an occasion for spiritual satisfaction and joy for Orthodox Christians and the majority of Bulgarian citizens.”

Questions surrounding the interpretation of “gender” are not merely legal, but go to the very foundation of humanity, the Synod is certain. And the Bulgarian Church is not alone in its understanding of gender, but its position, previously presented at an international forum on ending violence against women, in fact found the support of the Committee of Representatives of the Orthodox Churches in the European Union, the statement notes.

Church representatives also presented the ruling of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court in response to questions at the aforementioned conference, and the Church is confident that the Court will continue to uphold its ruling from 2018. A new understanding of gender would, the Church believes, on the other hand, compromise the concept of “constitutional identity.”

“Adding content to the concept of ‘gender,’ apart from its biological understanding, would ‘constitutionalize’ a new concept incompatible with the Bulgarian social order, unknown in our national legal system, and would promote ideas incompatible with ancient moral values ​​and the faith of the Holy Orthodox Church, and the Eastern Orthodox faith is part of the national and constitutional identity of Bulgaria,” the Synod writes.

The Synod then goes on to lay out its opinion regarding “gender” in connection with the understanding of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

The hierarchs emphasize the “unchangeable Biblical truth” that from the beginning, God created mankind as male and female and gave them the command to multiply.

“This is a property set by God. It is a prerequisite for the emergence of the family as a union of man and woman, which is consecrated in the Holy Sacrament of Marriage and whose purpose is the mutual salvation and sanctification of believing men and women through spiritual feats in Christ and in the creation and upbringing of children.

New ideologies about gender are, in fact, a demonic attack on the Divine union of love that “try, first of all, to separate man from God,” the Synod states.

We are all created as man or woman by God, “and it’s not a matter of personal choice,” the position statement reads. And for Christians, the fact of biological gender from birth is no limitation, “but a real opportunity for the manifestation and realization of the human person in communion with others.”

“Throughout the 2,000-year-old Orthodox Tradition, both man and woman have always had their natural, God-ordained place in Christian society,” the hierarchs affirm.

God’s grace in the Church doesn’t replace natural properties, but sanctifies them and gives them the opportunity to be realized in their fullness. Not only is this the unchanging teaching of the Church, but “also the common sense of the vast majority of Bulgarian society, as well as the entire state-legal and historical tradition in Bulgaria from the founding of the country to the present day.”

The mere fact that such questions about gender are even being asked “shows the extent to which sin and vice have affected the human consciousness,” the Synod states. “We must not allow unnatural thinking to change obvious truths and reality itself, because it would be detrimental to our people and our homeland.”

In conclusion, the hierarchs refer to the statement of Professor Zhivko Stalev, the former Chairman of the Constitutional Court, who said that attempts to change the age-old understanding of gender is “a utopian illusion.”

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Panagiotis6/20/2021 3:07 am
For thousands of years, no one ever heard of nonsense like this. Who is behind this? What is their agenda? Why within the last 50 years or so have there been so many attacks on traditional family values and traditional morality? Is this demonic movement paving the way for the arrival of the Antichrist? The Muslims refer to the Antichrist as Dajjal. The Devout Muslims and the Orthodox People fear God and are opposed to this evil movement.
Theodoros 6/19/2021 3:57 am
The "transgender" ideology is about destroying the morality given to us by God. Male and female he created them, as the Book of Genesis teaches us. This evil ideology is now being directed at children. Boys and girls alike are being taught that they are really the opposite gender. They are being dressed up in the clothing of the opposite sex in what the trans movement calls "social transitioning". They are being prepared to "transition" into the opposite gender. This is evil. Furthermore, public libraries in America have what is called "drag queen story hour" in which men dressed as women read books to small children. Furthermore, child draq queens are becoming mainstream in which young boys are dressed as girls and perform in homosexual night clubs. If the Orthodox Churches ever get around to having a real Council, they should formally condemn trans ideology as well as gay marriage and abortion. The LGBT movement and the Democratic Party in America are getting ready to strike down religious freedom. Democratic Presidential Candidate Beta Orourke said in a debate in 2019 he would take away tax exempt status from Churches if they refused to sanction gay marriages. The audience of Democrats in the audience all applauded. The Orthodox Churches need to move to convene a council to depose Patriarch Bartholomew for everything from Ukraine to Ecumenism to the abomination that recently occurred when his exarch served the liturgy in that pagan temple surrounded by pagan flags in New York.
Alex6/18/2021 10:51 am
Transgender identity is just a step towards transhumanism. When a man can participate in a women’s sport competition and is made acceptable then we are bound for a limitless and lawless society. Think about it, a man who takes part of a women’s weight lifting competition makes all the women drop out. This is unfair to all the women because men are biologically stronger. But this is just sport, people would just say “It’s just a sport, don’t worry too much about it.” But this is just the first step. Unfair competition is made normal through transgender identity, what is the next step? Let us say that everyone will have a Neuralink chip implanted in their brain. What will happen to the people who do not wish to have a brain implant? They drop out. Out of their workplace and out of society. “Did you take the chip?” Sounds familiar? Everything will be permitted. But is everything beneficial? We are bound for a lawless society. Where taking drugs to improve your concentration for studying and taking steroids to become a superman is already happening for quite some time. Lawlessness, sin, will be the new normal. If you are not part of the Beast-system you will drop out. We have been warned by this in Matthew 24:12 and in Revelation 13:17. As many Elders have already stated about the time we are in now, there is a big test going on now, for further coming events. Christ did not come to bring peace but the sword (Matthew 10:34). I would say we even experience an initiation into antichrist where all boundaries are removed in ethics. According to them our minds are programs, they’re the virus, to turn us into super-drones (transhumanism) and we will kill on their command and they won’t be responsible. When Christ spoke in John 15:13: Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. He did not speak about soldiers killing in the name of defending Orthodoxy. For He says in John 15:14: 14 You are My friends if you do whatever I command you. His command is to love each other. We lay down our life on the Cross, as martyrs, as the Apostles did and as Christ did, not by killing others and then being killed by the sword ourselves. Back to transhumanism, father Spyridon Bailey wrote on twitter: “ Anti-Christ will not appear all at once. People will be led to him one small step at a time. Every small compromise in the faith, every small acceptance of the world's philosophies and promises, is a step closer to accepting him when he appears. The final step will be very small.” But let us not worry, have no fear, but good cheer, for even though in the world we will have tribulations, Christ has overcome the world (John 16:33). God saves His people from all tribulation.
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