Pro-Life Society holds another prayerful protest at Brooklyn abortion clinic

Brooklyn, New York City, July 19, 2021

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This past Saturday, July 17, the St. John the Forerunner Orthodox Pro-Life Society held another moleben near the abortion clinic at 14 Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn.

The prayerful protest was held at the same location as the previous service on June 19, when there was a very invasive, disturbing, and demonically-driven counter-protest. However, this time, local police officers were present to ensure the safety of the prayer service, the Society informed OrthoChristian.

The service, held just a few yards away from the baby slaughterhouse, was led by His Eminence Archbishop Michael of New York and New Jersey (Orthodox Church in America). He firmly reminded us that science—detached from Holy Scripture and the Holy Fathers—still shows us that human life begins at conception.

His Eminence meticulously reviewed the process of fertilization, and debunked the faulty logic of those who support murdering babies, emphasizing that zygotes cannot be just a “clump of cells” as so many pro-choicers claim, but rather like all offspring, they belong to a species.

“Let us continue this battle, realizing that even science is on our side,” he called. “And let our cry be in the face of the choice of abortion, with all that we know and all the facilities and resources available to us in this country, there has to be another alternative. There has to be another alternative than killing human life. Let us pray for that to the God Who loves us more than we love ourselves—the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, unto ages of ages amen.”

The St. John the Forerunner Orthodox Pro-Life Society absolutely believes in the power of a street witness, as it is the traditional method from the time of the Holy Apostles of preaching against iniquity and injustice and promoting Truth.

What happened on June 19 clearly showed that the fight against abortion is a fight between the light and the dark, between good and evil. There is no grey.

Concerned Orthodox Christians must continue to go out on the streets, alongside providing charitable services to those in need and educating all who desire to know the Truth.

The St. John the Forerunner Society’s goal is to develop the ministry in the NYC area, and to help local Orthodox Christians to create their own groups elsewhere. The Society encourages everyone to join the fight for life. It firmly believes that this is not the prerogative of one or several organizations or persons, but is the duty of each and every single Christian.

The Society is also actively looking for medical students, doctors, and web designers willing to volunteer and help advance the cause. If interested, please call us 917-428-3560.

Alternatively, the Society can be reached through its various social media accounts:


You can donate to the Society through its GoFundMe campaign.

OrthoChristian reported last week on the first annual National Orthodox Baby Shower that collected thousands of diapers and other items for mothers who choose life.

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