We must insist that we’re Orthodox: Archbishop of Albania on 2022 census

Tirana, Albania, October 13, 2021

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It’s extremely important for the life of the Church that all Orthodox Christians unequivocally identify themselves as such in next year’s national census, says His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios of Albania.

The Albanian primate made a call to all Orthodox while serving at the Cathedral of the Resurrection in Tirana on Sunday.

In the previous census, the Albanian government reported that the country is only 10% Orthodox, which is not true, His Beatitude emphasized. Too many Orthodox were indifferent and decided to not participate in the census or didn’t pay enough attention to the questions, which weren’t always very clear, he said.

The Orthodox in Albania are at least 30%, Abp. Athanasios stressed.

This time around, the Orthodox faithful should not fall prey to vague questioning or pressure from surveyors, but bodly declare their faith.

“Let us make sure we do our duty—when this question comes, to answer and insist that we are what we are: Orthodox Christians,” His Beatitude called.

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Peter10/16/2021 12:49 am
Artan, I am confused by what you are saying. I know people who have done mission work in Albania with OCMC and they say that the Church there is indeed growing by a lot. Even Muslims are being baptized. I'm not sure how that is a failure?
Artan Mici10/15/2021 4:42 pm
We are all aware of the situation, the best census is and indicators right now for Albanian orthodox's just check the Sunday mass in Tirana 1.2Million habitants. Another question is raised, if there were 25% Albanian Christian Orthodox before 1990/93 and in 2011 there were less than 7%, what are the reasons ?? If supposedly the missionary work in Albanian Orthodox church these last 30 years, and the reconstruction of all old churches and new ones have happened, how is possible that we were less than 7% in 2011???!!! I think this article is just a propaganda, to put in pedestal the actual Archbishop Anastasios, in order to cover his failure these 30 years. Its strange that he just now has realized this issue of census...
Panagiotis10/14/2021 2:32 am
Peter: it is estimated that between 600,000 to 900,000 Orthodox Christians in Albania... at the time of the great schism Albania was completely an Orthodox Nation and 100% of the Albanian people were Orthodox Christians..... There are many Muslims in Albania who still maintain the Orthodox customs and traditions of their ancestors.... The Orthodox Church in Albania was almost decapitated by the satanic evil communists who killed many Orthodox Priests and other Orthodox Christians.... the monster communists demolished and destroyed many Orthodox Churches...... this is why it is imperative that everyone teach their children, their family members, their fellow parishioners, their neighbors, Etc about what the Monster Communists did.... liberalism leads to socialism, which leads to nihilism, which leads to communism, which leads to the destruction of the Orthodox People and the Orthodox Faith...
Peter 10/13/2021 3:22 pm
How many Orthodox are actually in Albania?
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