Albanian media runs with false claims that monastery shelters armed people

Dhërmi, Albania, October 21, 2021

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Reports that the Life-giving Spring Monastery in the village of Dhërmi gives shelter to “armed people” have been proven false, the Albanian Church Orthodox reports.

While some outlets were objective about the matter, others ran with the claim, which originated on social media, making accusations against the Church.

Local police searched the monastery and found only a pistol-shaped lighter. “No illegal items or persons were found,” the Church reports.

Such defamation is nothing new on the internet, but the interesting thing is that unjustified attention was given to the claim this time, the Church report reads. Some outlets even claimed that weapons and military uniforms were found at the monastery, “proving an openly biased and anti-Orthodox attitude.”

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has been subject to similar defamation by nationalist schismatics.

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Panagiotis10/22/2021 12:56 am
Why are some people in Albania anti Orthodox Christian? If they hate Orthodox Christians, then do they hate their ancestors? All of Albania was once 100% Orthodox Christian, all the Albanian people... This is a fact and it is well documented, at the time of the great schism Albania was completely Orthodox... ethnic DNA testing also shows that the Greek people and the Albanian people are closely related... The Albanian and Greek people lived in peace in many areas for many, many years, until sinister forces employed devious divide-and-conquer tactics...
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