The Miraculous icon of Saint Anna in Vori of Marmara

Source: Mystagogy

December 10, 2021


In the beautiful coastal Corinthian city of Aigio, a group of uprooted Greeks were transplanted in 1922 after the terrible Asia Minor Catastrophe

The refugees in Aigio built, with effort and struggle, starting from scratch, their new life. The Aegean refugees came from Proikonisos, where there were then five villages: Aloni, Vori, Skoupia and Houchlia. Leaving while persecuted, the pious people of Proikonisos took with them above all the precious objects of their churches, holy icons, holy utensils, etc. Even their children show special love for these sacred relics.

They had a shrine on their Island. The shrine of Saint Anna in Vori. The fame of this shrine of Saint Anna had spread throughout the surrounding area. Apart from the locals, the inhabitants of the opposite Asia Minor beach maintained a special reverence for this place. The villages of Artaki, Roda, Gonia, etc. are especially mentioned, as well as the inhabitants of the surrounding Islands, all the so-called Bougazians up to Constantinople.

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