Turkish provocation: Another Hagia Sophia reopens as mosque, on Christmas Eve

Adrianople, Turkey, December 27, 2021

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In another affront to Orthodox Christians, Turkey has opened another Hagia Sophia church as a mosque, and this time on Christmas Eve.

After 56 years of restoration by the General Directorate of Foundations, the Church of Hagia Sophia in Adrianople was reopened on Friday as a mosque, reports the Orthodoxia News Agency, with reference to a tweet from Ali Erbaş, president of the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs.

Turkey has converted or reconverted several Hagia Sophia churches into mosques over the past decade or so, most notably the world-famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, which reopened as a mosque last summer. Istanbul’s iconic Chora Church was also turned into a mosque last summer.

Photo: twimg.com Photo: twimg.com     

The Hagia Sophia Church in Adrianople dates to the 12th century. It was desecrated and turned into a mosque following the 1456 conquest of Mehmet the Conqueror. It wasn’t used in recent decades after it was damaged by an earthquake.

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Nikko1/4/2022 8:45 pm
It is not Adrianople, but Enez (greek - Ainos). Enez was conquered by Mehmet in 1456. Adrianople was under turkish rule from XIVth century. Check Orthodoxia News Agency source again and more carefully next time!
Alexander Leitner12/31/2021 11:49 pm
@Panagiotis: I think Erdogan would not dare if Greece would be one with Russia. He thinks that the Russians will not help them. But as we know from prophecies the russians will take all this back. It is only a question of time. Never forget russians, serbians,... love Greece and greeks very very much. It is very dear to us. All the orthodox Temples of Christ and the Theotokos. We can not see that they are desecrated or profaned.
Panagiotis12/30/2021 5:15 pm
To Orthodox Brother Alexander: You are exactly correct, this is nothing more than a provocation by Erdogan.. the building has not been used as a church for many years... Let us also not forget that the Monster Communists destroyed Tens of Thousands of Churches in Holy Orthodox Russia, including many in the capital city of Moscow, the seat of the Russian Patriarchate.... just my humble opinion.
Alexander Leitner12/27/2021 9:11 pm
Erdogan is a provocateur! That'scthe only thing he can do. Turkey's economy is almost destroyed. Turkey soon will collapse. Than he will start a war.
Raphael12/27/2021 8:16 pm
As long as the patriarch of Istanbul continues to act as an enemy of the church rather than a faithful shepherd of Christ's church, this sort of thing will continue to happen. PB's sect in Ukraine is forcefully taking church buildings from the orthodox Christians and converting them into temples of heresy, so in his own country, and under his own nose, the Turks are converting his churches into mosques, reminding him that he is considered to be of no significance and has no power in his own city! Maybe PB should read the old testament and repent, and then God will help him. The Lord uses unbelievers as the arm of his judgment, just as he used the Assyrians and Babylonians of old to chastise the Israelites, today he is using Erdogan to chastise the world loving Istanbul Patriarch, but HE DOES NOT LEARN and continues to serve the anti-Christian elements of the world. You reap what you sow, and you get what you deserve! May we all repent and may God help us!
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