African Exarch: Majority of Churches will support Russian Church in Africa

Moscow, February 4, 2022

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Most of the autocephalous Local Orthodox Churches will support the Russian Church’s move into Africa, believes the African Exarchate.

Asked by journalists how other Churches have reacted, Metropolitan Leonid of Klin, the Russian Patriarchal Exarch of Africa, responded: “We are focused on the canonicity we’re defending. I don’t doubt for a second that the fullness of universal Orthodoxy—meaning many Local Orthodox Churches—will, of course, support our decision.”

“Because they understand that the truth is on our side,” he explained. Met. Leonid published his comments on his Telegram page yesterday.

“For my part, I can note that the Russian Orthodox Church won’t leave the African continent under any circumstance,” he added.

As for receiving clergy from other Local Churches whose primates have recognized the Ukrainian schismatics, Met. Leonid responded that if any such appeals are received, they will be studied by the Holy Synod.

He also commented on reports that the Patriarchates of Constantinople and Alexandria hope to revive the Pentarchy, bringing in the Church of Cyprus, and to gather the Pentarchy primates to condemn the Russian Church’s African Exarchate.

“Of course, I can’t speak for the primates of the Antiochian and Jerusalem Churches, but I don’t think these two pillars of the Church will participate in this ‘council,’” the Metropolitan said.

“I think the most they could achieve in this process today is the trio of Greece [presumably he meant to say Cyprus—OC], the Phanar, and Alexandria, which will finally and irrevocably discredit them in the eyes of the world Orthodoxy,” he concluded.

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Popsy2/7/2022 6:26 am
@ Dionysius Redington If it's true that there are canons that specify that the ENTIRETY of Africa is under the jurisdiction of the Alexandrian Patriarchate (not only Northern Africa: Egypt, Libya and Pentapolis), then Yes, the MP is violating that particular canon, otherwise, I'm not so sure. Then, realistically, without the intervention of the MP, what would have been Africa's priests' option? Defrocking! Was that a better option? Definitely not for the livelihood of the priests themselves and the salvation of their parishioners' souls. I can understand that things are murky and a can of worms was just opened (or was it opened when OCU was created?). Alexandria is only getting now a taste of their allies' (Constantinople ) actions. Of course, that doesn't make it right, I'm just saying... Maybe, hopefully, this action of the MP will force an Ecumenical Council or at least a Sinaxis of the Patriarchs where the situation in Ukraine will be discussed and solved, which- in turn- will solve the situation in Africa.
Ben Chatfield2/5/2022 11:54 pm
This appears to just be a conflict between Sergeism and Ecumenism. What happened to unity based on faith in Christ?
Pitu Gibert2/5/2022 6:35 pm
I don't see any problem to anyone who comes to our continent to do good either russians,Greeks,chines,Americans all might God never separate people according to their countries,skin colors,everyone will be judged according to his/her good deeds or bad so welcome brothers
Jesse Dominick2/5/2022 2:33 pm
Brian, you need to take all of our articles into account, to get a fuller picture. OrthoChristian has leveled no accusations against anyone, but rather, we have reported on why the Exarchate was created, according to those who created it. But likewise, we have also reported that the Alexandrian Synod acccused the Russian Church of enslavement, neocolonialism, and ethnophyletism. That is, we're reporting what both sides say, because that's the function of news. At the same time, Metropolitan Leonid and Fr. George Maximov have published several stories recently about relations between Greek bishops and African clergy, but we have not reported about them - we've stuck with statements and events, like Liturgies, rather than stories.

Finally, note that the Russian Exarchate was created on December 29, and on January 18, we reported about 2 mass Baptisms within the Patriarchate of Alexandria:
Dionysius Redington2/5/2022 4:55 am
On the one hand, the patriarchs of Constantinople and Alexandria have fallen into heresy, and should be deposed. On the other, this exarchate is uncanonical, which isn't quite as bad, but is certainly not good. Met. Leonid: "We are focused on the canonicity we’re defending." But the Exarchate is building its headquarters in Cairo. This clearly violates Canon vi of the First Ecumenical Council: Met. Leonid: "I can note that the Russian Orthodox Church won’t leave the African continent under any circumstance." Under ANY circumstances? The end of the schism, for example? And if this permanent presence includes a Russian cathedral in Cairo, it clearly violates Canon ii of the Second Ecumenical Council: Господи помилуй. Dionysius Redington
Brian Johnson2/5/2022 2:55 am
I find it ironic that the same Russian media outlets, like OrthoChristian, which praised the missionary and sacrificial work of the Patriarchate of Alexandria are now flipping the narrative and accusing “the Greeks” of being racists who do nothing for the African flock. It’s really pathetic on your part and shameful that you’re aiding in this slander against His Beatitude Patriarch Theodoros II. May God have mercy on you.
Francisco de Assis da Crus Feitosa2/4/2022 6:36 pm
Bem vindo nossos Irmãos Sacerdotes Africanos ao Patriarcado de Moscou.
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