Churches in neighboring countries helping Ukrainian and Donbass refugees

Ukraine, February 25, 2022     

The governments and Churches of a number of nearby countries have announced their readiness to house and help refugees from Ukraine and Donbass and Lugansk Republics.

The Synodal Department for Church Charity and Social Service of the Russian Orthodox Church transferred 1 million rubles (about $12,100) to the Rostov-on-Don Diocese for humanitarian assistance to refugees from Donbass.

The funds were spent on essentials such as water, grains, canned food, oil, sugar, salt, tea, wet wipes, tableware, diapers, medicine, disinfectants, stationery for children, and so on, the Department reports.

Aid is being distributed at temporary accommodation centers and the diocesan humanitarian aid center.

Several other dioceses in Russia have also announced their readiness to house, feed, and clothe refugees, and hierarchs throughout the Church have issued calls for increased prayer.

In Romania, the Archdiocese of Suceava, which is located not far from the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, has announced that it’s ready to support refugees with food and clothes and other necessities, as well as accommodations.

The line of refugees waiting to enter Romania through Suceava County stretched for several miles yesterday, the Basilica News Agency reports, though most are only looking to pass through Romania to other countries.

Priests are also ready to provide spiritual assistance.

The Maramureș Diocese, also near the border with Ukraine, has announced the same.

In Greece, the Church’s non-profit Coexistence organization is ready to receive and host refugees as long as they need, if requested and approved by the Holy Synod.

Various partner organizations of the Finnish Orthodox Church, including the Union of Orthodox Youth, the Union of Orthodox Clergy, and many others, are raising funds to help victims in Ukraine.

The Polish Orthodox Church has announced that fervent prayers for peace in Ukraine will be offered in all its churches on Sunday, February 27. His Eminence Metropolitan Alexander of Riga and All Latvia has also blessed special prayers to be offered during the Divine Liturgy in all churches in Latvia.

Of course, all dioceses and monasteries throughout Ukraine are helping their people by offering shelter and comprehensive humanitarian aid.

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Justina3/18/2022 4:44 pm
those Ukranians may have been baptized but they are in the grip of ethnophyletism and schism and vast corruption in the country, and were persecuting the Russian speakers who decided to go independent in Donbas.When your brother does wrong you smack him upside the head. Baptism isn't all there is to it. Ukraine is run by holdover nazis one of who Stepan Bandera is anational hero. Putin is just cleaning up a mess. And Crimea wasn't unilaterally invaded and annexed, they voted themselves independent, then asked Russia to take them back, they were Russian for 300 years before Kruschev put them in Ukraine.
Michael Snow2/26/2022 8:30 am
His Holiness Patriarch Kirill gave exhortation to "do everything possible to avoid casualties among the peaceful population". But what about baptized Orthodox soldiers of Ukraine and Russia shedding the blood of each other?
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