LGBT marches are an abuse of religious and societal values—Moldovan primate

Chișinău, May 31, 2022

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LGBT marches and events are an abuse not only of local religions, but all of Moldovan society, the head of the Moldovan Orthodox Church writes in a new address on the upcoming Moldova Pride festival.

The Church has continually called on Moldovan authorities to ban such authorities in recent years, writes His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir of the Moldovan Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).

The Church has even has staged its own processions in defense of traditional Christian family values.

While Chișinău authorities are allowing the event, to be held June 13-19, the People’s Assembly of the Moldovan autonomous territorial unity of Gaugazia, dominated by the Turkic-speaking Gagauz people, recently unanimously voted to completely ban LGBT marches and all such propaganda.

According to Met. Vladimir, Moldovan law would allow authorities to ban such events as “directly attacking public morality and flagrantly violating the ‘freedom of other persons.’” Further, the constitution explicitly states that, “the family shall be based on freely consenting marriage between men and women, on their equal rights and on the right and duty of parents to ensure the upbringing, education, and training of children.”

“This parade of minorities abusively and publicly defies the values ​​of the majority of our society,” Met. Vladimir states.

Additionally, the organizers of the parade and “their mentors from abroad” should well that such events always lead to violent altercations.

His Eminence concludes:

We urge the municipal authorities use all means to stop the promotion of the manifestation of non-traditional behaviors and thus of the sins that cry out to Heaven, which are increasingly flooding our country.

On behalf of the Moldovan Orthodox Church and the citizens of this country, we ask that this destructive scourge, which morally defiles our Orthodox society, which upholds the family values, be stopped.

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Magdalena3/23/2023 5:52 pm
Origen is not a Saint. He was thrice condemned by a church council as a heretic. It's troubling that so many "Orthodox" don't know, or worse, disagree with this.
Editor6/1/2022 10:58 am
Benjamin: There are no easy answers, but we Orthodox have condemned many of Origen's teachings as wrong. And the gravity of sin does not change with the times. That is not to say that God has no mercy--a person who has fallen can rise and repent, even if he falls a dozen times. But St. Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 6:9 are as true today as they were when he said it: "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind ... shall inheritd the kingdom". The words of scripture are for all times, no matter how people, even religious people, try to fit them into a legalistic structure. In the end, however, it is God's judgment and not ours.
Benjamin6/1/2022 12:59 am
The very fact that "LGBT" exists as an acronym should cause for one to pause. One could argue that some people are born gay or lesbian, that's fair enough. But to argue that someone is born transgendered is just a blatant lie against biology its self. You have, barring certain chromosomal disorders, either an XY (male) or XX (female) chromosome. And yet, they insist on lumping the two together for marketing purposes. They want to cast the net as wide as possible, and one must ask why? Well, obviously, if your goal is to disrupt the entirety of society via some sort of Cultural Marxist scheme, wherein you try to divide everyone up by as many artificially contrived sub-cultures and niches as possible, that makes total sense. Here in the USA, something like 35% of Zoomers (Gen-Z) identify as one of the acronyms in the ever-expanding list of paraphilias, and its no wonder, the propaganda inflicted upon their generation has been very very intense. Soon, we're going to see a "P" added to that list. After all, something like 50% of gay men are attracted to those sorts of people, and if one is "born that way", who is society to stigmatize them? The cat has been out of the bag for way too long to put him back in at this late stage in the game. This leads to an interesting and very uncomfortable question regarding the doctrine of salvation: did God choose for people whom he knew were going to be damned to be born into the newer generations, whereas he chose for people born in previous generations to "have it easier" in terms of struggles during one's upbringing and get, comparatively, a free pass to Heaven? I look at my great-grandparents from rural Poland, and they lived fairly decent lives, but they also didn't have all of the temptations that we Millennials and Zoomers here in America have. So really, how much is it to say that they lived "wholesome lives"? Is God grading on a curve? If God really knows everything that will happen, and if St. Origin's doctrine of the pre-existence of the soul is really legit, it seems totally possible that God would cause for good souls to be born into wholesome times of low-temptation so that they would probably be saved, and vice versa for those whom he's basically condemned to damnation. I do not know what the official doctrine of Orthodoxy is on this. Honestly, it's something I try my hardest not to even think about.
Steve5/31/2022 5:26 pm
Is there any possibility that Russia will invade Moldavia to stop the gay-pride parade there?
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